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The Sims 4 Preview: Children, Teens & Parents!


Children in The Sims 4 are very…childish. They act like real-life children: they play a lot, get bored easily, love to socialize and are always seeking for attention!

There was a funny scenario that happened in my game; I sent mum and dad by the river to have some private time. They talked about their recent events (you can see that thanks to Sims’ speech bubbles). A child Sim that they had, had a Fine Emotion. Now, this emotion by the looks is neutral, but for children, that emotion means ”Do something ASAP!!!” and so the Sim wanted to check what are her parents doing. She suddenly looked at her father with the ”Why did you leave me for…her” face. She started to talking to him and mum tried to break into this conversation as well.


Do you know what the Child did? Absolutely nothing! She ignored her mother who was standing right behind her for 2 whole minutes. What was interesting is that she didn’t even try to re-form the group so that everyone can see each other. This caused her mother to be surprised since she couldn’t talk in the group anymore (really rude from the kid  😐 )


I felt really bad for her mother so I sent them all home. I made the Child play the Piano and made her parents sit down and listen. I knew this will be an interesting situation since the Child didn’t have any piano skills. The moment she started playing, her father (who she also had better relationship with) couldn’t stand her piano ”skills” at all. He started looking all furious and got an ”uncomfortable” Emotion. Her mother, who she ignored, seemed to be okay with her playing the piano. I didn’t check her traits but I assume she really likes children!

It was time to check on the Goth family. I sent Mortimer and Alexander Goth to the nearby park and made Alexander play on the Pirate Ship.


I started looking around the park and I switched back to Mortimer. He decided to amuse himself and his Child a bit more, so he played as a Sea Monster. He put his hands up and was making a funny ”monster” face. Overall, both of them had a great time and their Happy emotion got boosted.


I didn’t explore Teens and their possibilites that much, but I do know that Cassandra Goth was being a tad mean to her little brother Alexander by scaring him. Sometimes, Sims don’t get scared and laugh together (tends to happen more if Sims are happy), but in this case, since Alexander was just ”Fine”, he got scared and got a bit down. I wondered what will happen next so I sent them down to sit on a park bench. They talked a bit and his bigger sister decided to give him an advice.


Even though she was mean to him, she still decided to step up and act as a big sister with responsibilities to her little brother!

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