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The Sims 4 Preview: Emotions & Needs


I’m sure you’ve heard this bazillion times, but Emotions do play a big role in The Sims 4! These Emotions are connected and everything you say, do (and don’t do as well when it comes to Needs), your Sim will be affected. Although, the Emotional State won’t change immediately. If your Sim is happy and gets an insult from another Sim, his/her Emotional State will remain untouched if that Sim has high buffs/points for the Happy Emotion.

Here’s what happened in my game; I started a Household with 2 Sims: one that’s good and the other one who’s mischievous (and also has commitment issues).  Both of them started socializing thanks to Free Will being turned on, but I wanted to add a twist in this story. I made the mischevious Sim insult her Husband’s WooHoo abilities. His face and Emotional state quickly changed to Sad, since both of them had the Fine Emotion. When someone has a Fine emotion, that means they’re easily susceptible to changing their Emotional State. I wanted to push the limits a bit further, so I made her use the Joy Buzzer while shaking hands with him. That still didn’t make him Angry since he has a Good trait, but how far will he let his wife do such things to him?

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I knew he had to break at one point, so I made her to insult him. That didn’t work, so I had to do it again, again and again. At that point, he finally realized what was going on and got an Angry Emotion. That’s when things really became spicy; he wanted to get her back by insulting her too, only this time you could see him expressing his Anger loud and clear, unlike the mischevious Sim in red outfit who just followed my commands. Everything became quiet for the next 3-4 Seconds and then suddenly both of them got an Embarrassed Emotion, except there was a small difference: The good husband just got an ”Embarrassed” Emotion, because, he did yell and insult his wife, but he had a perfectly good reason for it, while the mischevious Sim got a ”Very Embarrassed” Emotion. Why though? I assume she had no reason to insult him (since that was my command) and the insults you get from an Angry Sim are much more worse than just regular insults. Both of them ran upstairs all depressed and covered themselves together behind the bed sheets.


It was really a funny moment I encountered in the game, but I had to resolve this issue. Normally, Sims who get in a fight will avoid each other for quite some time, but I needed to get them back together quickly. Both of them finally pulled the sheets from their head and then I decided that they should sit down. I started with the ”Flirt” approach but obviously none of them were in the mood for that. I had to get rid of that Embarrassed Emotional state so I made them talk, a lot! After 1 Sim hour of talking, I made the mischevious Sim apologize to her husband for what she did. The husband accepted her apology and both of them got rid of the Embarrassed Emotion. That was a perfect moment to kick in some romance!


During this mini-show I didn’t focus at all on their needs, and it was clear they were hungry by looking at their Plumbob and also by the Need UI bar. I sent both of them to eat something, and what was interesting is that her husband, who also Loves Art, picked a plate and decided to outside and look at the painting he made the other day. He was eating and looking at that painting at the same time, and after a couple of seconds he was inspired and got an Inspired Emotion.

It’s really fun how you don’t always have to focus on your Sim’s needs – if you have Free Will turned on, they will find the easiest way to fulfill their needs. They decay much slower, but depending on your Sim’s emotional state, they might also fill slower.


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