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The Sims 4 Preview: Multitasking


Multitasking is a brand new feature in The Sims 4 that lets you do multiple interactions at once. The thing I noticed about Multitasking is that when Sims decide to add another interaction to their interaction queue, they won’t stop the thing they did in the first place.

For example; my Sim was reading Handiness Skill book, but his Bladder bar really lowered down, so he decided to go to the toilet. He didn’t put the book he was reading in his inventory. As he rushed to the bathroom, the book was in his hands this whole time. Once he sat on the toilet, he was doing his thing + read the Handiness Skill book at the same time, which means his bladder need bar got higher + his Handiness skill was leveling up as well.


Another great example of multitasking I encoutered was my Sim working out in the gym while watching the TV. He wasn’t watching any TV channel though; it was the Cooking Channel, which means his Fitness and Cooking skill was leveling up altogether!

Multitasking isn’t all about focusing on multiple objects though; you can also hang out with multiple Sims and use a certain object at the same time.

So, my Sim decided to play a Computer game. His roomates showed up in his room and decided to chat. I loved seeing how he was throwing a word or two into their conversation every now and then. His relationship with his friends was leveling up, but his Fun Need bar was raising as well!


The multitasking feature is really fun and it’s always a pleasure seeing your Sims finding new combinations with that feature.

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