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The Sims 4 – Preview by PlatinumSimmers!

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When you start up the game, you begin in the world overview. Here you can either pick an existing family or you can click on an empty lot and chose to create a new family. That is what I did. I chose a lot in Oasis Spring (I could choose between Willow Creek or Oasis Spring on the upper left corner) and then I created a family. The Kessler family! With elder dad Davin, young adult mom Latisha, teenage daughter Skyla and child son Jarrod. And guess what! The elder dad could actually be the dad for the kids! Was so happy about that. I thought they family would move into the house right away but it didn’t. So I had to go to my library to select my newly created family and select moved them into a house they could afford. Later I found out I could have done this all way easier by clicking on ‘create a new household’ before going to the game, but I just excitedly pressed the ‘play’ button.

Next up I started building them a house. So when moving in I chose to bulldoze the lot. But as I wanted to get as much gameplay in as I could. I didn’t focus on making a beautiful home, but rather show some new features. So bear with my design!

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