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Hey guys!

I’m here to warn you about several things I read about The Sims 4 on the internet these last couple of days. Before I begin with this post, please note that I’m not picking any sides of this story, I’m just here to warn you about spreading false and unconfirmed facts about the game.

I came across this list of The Sims 4’s ”missing features”. Actually, I stumbled upon this list several times.

I’m here to tell you that the ”89 features missing from The Sims 4” post is bogus and contains some features/objects that were added in 13 years of developing The Sims Franchise (2000 – 2013/The Sims 1 2000 – 2003/The Sims 2 2004 – 2008/The Sims 3 2009 – 2013). Although the list doesn’t contain content from Additions of The Sims Games, it still contains lots of content from features that were added during the releasement of The Sims 3 Patches/Updates. There is absolutely no way to add features from 13 years of work on Sims Games to a Sims game that was worked on approx. 3 – 4 years.

Things such as ”no animated hair” and ”no dreams” didn’t even exist in previous Sims base games, so I’m not sure why was that added to the list. Most features on that list were even removed in The Sims 3 and got an improvement.

This list spread like a wildfire all over the internet and it made a lot of people lose interest in the game.

The point of this post is to not trust everything you see or read online, since many people will do lots and lots of things just to get attention. Trust yourself and what you think about the game and choose carefully from who do you want to receive future information and updates.

If you still want to see what’s in and what’s out in The Sims 4, forum member JoeWow1003 made an accurate list of new and missing features in the game. You can check it out HERE!

Thanks for reading this post and have a nice day!

– Jovan,

Sims Community Founder

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