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Everbodyplays (UK): How (not) to fall in love on The Sims 4

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One of the first, and coolest things we got to do during our recent trip out to Cologne for gamescom was to get to go hands-on with a near-finished build of the Sims 4. But while Sarah got to work making a digital version of her and I, giving them a personality of their own before playing God over their lives, I took a slightly different approach, and delved into the pre-built scenario saves instead. Intended to show off the various weird and wacky situations your Sims could find themselves in, one starred two warring scientists, one was a star crossed relationship that would never work out – and the other, was set in a bar. Here, a young male Sim who we’ll call Joe Noluck, possessor of a spectacular bachelor pad (more of a mansion if we’re honest) and a winning quiff, has his heart set on Hildegard Tuget, a fiery ginger with a temper to boot. We’re not making this up either, she really does have a fiery temper – it’s one of her traits.

Sat next to each other having a casual chat, things were going swimmingly enough. That’s when we stepped in, taking over young Joe Noluck, to help him win the affections of his soul mate. Unfortunately for us, she was in no mood for a chat. With a bar at the top of the screen constantly reminding us that we were stuck in an “awkward conversation”, the fiery Hildegard seemed frosty to say the least. True to her name, she was playing (Hildeg) ‘ard tu get…


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