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The Sims 4 – More Cheats provided by SimGuruGrant!

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SimGuruGrant’s Forum Post

Hi Simmers. As you guys know, we like to provide a variety of cheats for you in the game. Some of you play by your own rules and we like to encourage that. In addition to the cheats already published and shared with you, it turns out a few of our Development Cheats slipped in as well! Well, in addition to all the cheats we KNEW we shipped, it turns out we shipped a bunch of cheats that we didn’t necessarily intend to ship. Oh well! More fun for you. Introducing a few more cheats for you to use!

For some back story, these cheats were created to do daily “Smoke Tests.” We had to put in these cheats so the game could run on its own (OH NO SKYNET) without human intervention. Essentially, we run these smoke tests in the wee hours of the night while we aren’t at work using our computers.

Quick Disclaimer: Cheats are cheats. Using these cheats takes you beyond the standard tuning and flow of gameplay so you may encounter hiccups or oddities. So please use cheats with caution! You’re going outside the standard flow so you may hit a hiccup or two. But, we’ve used these cheats extensively in development. For all of these you’ll need to open the command console (Ctrl + Shift + C).

Automatically Pay Bills: Do you hate bills? Fret no more.

Want to automatically answer dialogs that pop up on screen? This cheat will choose cancel if available or select between the choices given.

Do you want to complete your current Aspiration Milestone?

Career Cheats – We have quite a few cheats for careers.

Want to add any career to your Sim?

Want to get a demotion?

How about a promotion?

Want to quit?

For <name>, type the name of the career.

Want to speed up crafting? Or, something? This one’s not entirely obvious, but it can speed up some parts of crafting (painting, woodworking).

Want to fix everyone’s needs? 
|sims.fill_all_commodities for just one Sim.

That’s for just one Sim.

|stats.fill_commodities_household for the household.
That’s for the household.

Want to add a specific amount of money? This will add the amount you specify to your family funds.
|sims.modify_funds <amount>

<amount> is the amount you want.

There’s also
|motherlode and |rosebud AND |kaching

Want to get rid of your Moodlets?

Want to spawn random groups of Sims?

Replace <#> with the number you want. BE WARNED: If you put in a crazy number, the game will break.

MOVIE MAKERS. Want to disable headline FX? Note that this doesn’t remove plumbob.
|headlineeffects <on/off>

Have fun with these guys.

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