The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to Play Offline

When opening The Sims 4, the game will automatically connect to the internet. If you want to play The Sims 4 Offline, there are 2 ways to solve this:

  • Via Origin
  • Via Game

When opening Origin, you’ll be automatically connected to the net. You can solve that by going to the Origin Tab on top left and selecting ”Go Offline”.

1offline 2offline


After launching The Sims 4, the game will think that you’re not connected to the internet and you’ll be switched to Offline Mode.

TS4 2014-09-11 10-06-02-67 TS4 2014-09-11 10-06-16-45

This can also be done by going in The Sims 4’s Settings panel and selecting ”Other”. From there, just untick the ”Online Access” option and you’ll play the game Offline.

TS4 2014-09-11 10-11-10-95

Playing The Sims 4 Offline will reduce the Main Menu loading time, but there’s a¬†disadvantage and that’s no Gallery. You’ll only be able to see your creations and your statistics!

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