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The Sims 4 – 3 Addition Types Confirmed?



Mod The Sims Forum Member mgomez found an interesting text string in one of The Sims 4’s game files (just to make it clear, we tried to see it for ourselves too and it’s real – you can find it in The Sims 4DataSimulationGameplay > core .zip file).

According to the text string file, The Sims 4 will feature 3 addition types: EP’s (Expansion Packs), SP’s (Stuff Packs) and GP’s (Gameplay Packs?).

As an addition to this, EA recently published a new slider on The Sims 4’s gallery, telling people to sign up for their newsletter.

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So far, The Sims Team is refusing to talk about any future projects related to The Sims 4, even though information about The Sims 4 Premium Service is already beginning to leak!

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