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The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight: 14/09/14

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After browsing the Gallery for a while I saw a few Sims and builds that caught my eye so I just had to share these wonderful creations with you!

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Kim Nimho created by VerySoftSoul

Aspiration: Fortune.
Traits: Romantic, Self-Assured and Music Lover

This Sim caught my eye straight away, I love the style and she’s a lovely looking Sim.

TS4 2014-09-14 21-36-29-1712

 Beatrix and Anaya Bergman was created by DeltaDharmaDawn

Beatrix Aspiration: Nature.
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Noncommittal and Neat.

Anaya Aspiration: Creativity.
Traits: Creative and Clumsy.

As soon as I saw this household I fell in love. They are so unique! Mother with a teen daughter, what could possibly go wrong with that?! 😛 

TS4 2014-09-14 23-37-01-73

Created by allever728

Value: §215,251
Size: 40 x 30
Type: Residential

This cute little house includes 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and has 2 floors. It may look small but it’s bigger on the inside! It has a back garden where you can grow all those lovely fruit and veg, yum. 😀

TS4 2014-09-14 23-48-21-41
Suburban Dream Home created by Fischio7

Value: §371,501
Size: 50 x 50
Type: Residential

This beautiful house come with 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms! Wow, that’s a lot. Plenty of space there, love it.

The creator has also has put a description of their house:
A stately home with plenty of room for a large family. The lot also includes a #nursery #gym and #study.
Created by #Fischio


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