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The Sims 4 Tutorial: Building a Pool next to Foundation

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When trying to build a Pool next to Foundation in The Sims 4, the Pool will automatically shift to a level your foundation is.

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Here’s how to build a Pool next to Foundation without changing the Pool’s level:

First you need to place a Square Pool tile from the Pool menu. Make sure you place it at least 1 tile away from the Foundation. Then, push and pull it using the arrows to the foundation and adjust it’s width with arrows as well.

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If you’d like to connect your existing Pool with sides of foundation, just add a Square Pool, push & pull it to the foundation and connect it with the existing Pool. This allows you to place one giant Pool around your whole lot!

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With this level of customization you can also delete a small part of the Pool next to the Foundation by pressing CTRL + dragging the left mouse click. You can decorate your Pool by adding a ladder and a fence to make the entrance to this type of Pool more ”official”.

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