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NEW LOOK! NEW FEATURES! Get ready for the best Sims magazine EVER!

First, business up front. The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for The Sims Official Magazine are changing on Dec 1, 2014. Click on the following links to review our new terms: Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Now the fun stuff! The Sims Magazine is changing. It’s getting even better! We’re still going to bring you the very best features and insight into the best gaming franchise of all-time, but we’re going deeper. We’ll be rounding up the world’s very best players and creators and each issue will feature their exclusive advice and techniques on how to make your game amazing.

But that’s not all! We want to hear from YOU.

What do you want to see in The Sims Magazine? Do you want more tips on how to play or where to find cool hidden stuff? Do you want more on building or modding or a place to show off your creations and Sims stories? Are you a Sims 3 or a Sims 4 player? What gets you really excited about the games?

Not only will we make sure we feature the articles you want to read but there will be a breaking news feed bringing you live updates.

There will be other cool features too. You’ll be able to read stories without downloading the app and save your favorites to read when you’re offline. Plus you can be notified when there’s new content to check out. Basically, we’ll make sure you never miss a thing from the world of the Sims.

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We can’t wait to hear from you!
The Sims Mag Team

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