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The Sims Blog: Granite Falls Insect Collection Guide


Insect collecting in The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat can be tons of fun, but also very challenging. You will need a sharp eye and some quick clicking. You can go to the Ranger Center in the forest in Granite Falls to see many of the species that can be found. Once you’ve collected some bugs, there are lots of things you can do! Here are some tips:

Tip #1: Insects make great decorations in your home.  Once insects are collected they are automatically placed in terrariums. It is fantastic to see these little creatures crawling around and offering tons of viewing entertainment.


Tip #2: Insects are tasty food items! We have some new Cooking recipes in The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat. Roast a tasty beetle over the open flames on the campfire, or prepare Shish Kebabs or Gumbo with insects on the grill. A delicious dish will fill your Sims’ bellies and increase their happiness for hours.


Tip #3: Have you tried the new Herbalism skill yet? Your Sims can create Herbal Remedies using insects and plant parts. One of the basic Herbalism remedies is the Sadness Alleviation Lotion – it requires two Elderberry parts and a Firefly. You can apply it to lift the spirits of melancholy Sims! My particular favorite Remedy is Fireleaf Extract, made with Fire Ants. Yup, it makes Sims itch all over!

Tip #4: Sims need to be wary of some insects. Your Sim may receive a negative buff like Foul Stench or Bug Bite! If your Sim has the Squeamish trait, collecting insects will be even harder. Squeamish Sims can become uncomfortable around anything dirty and can get nauseated by these creepy crawlies!



Granite Falls is comprised of three neighborhoods, each containing unique insects. Your Sims start in the campground area, can travel to the Granite Falls forest, but the third neighborhood, an isolated area in the mountains, will require some exploring to find. Don’t forget, whatever insects you find you can sell for Simoleons!







Tip #5: It will take some sharp eyes to see the little critters! Most of them can be seen during the day, but fireflies and the mysterious Will-O-Wisp can only be seen at night. When you explore, stop regularly and take a 360 degree pan of the area around you. That’s a good way to spot the hard-to-find insects.


Tip #6: When wandering the woods insects can be flying through the air, like the majestic Monarch Butterfly, or crawling on the ground, like Ladybugs. Some are harder to see then others. The Walking Stick is especially difficult to spot because his narrow body is the same color as fallen pine needles.



Tip #7:  Sometimes, insects stick together. Catching insects is useful, since more specimens might emerge once you catch one.


Collections & Achievements: Insects have a new collection with a new achievement related to it! Under Household Collections, there is an insect tab highlighting the insects you have found and how many you still need to collect. There are 21 insects to find in The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat!


Tip #8: Did you know, if you collect all 21 Insects and the 5 new Fish in Granite Falls you unlock the Critter Catcher Achievement?

Creepy and crawly or weird and fascinating, however you feel about insects we hope you have fun in Granite Falls!


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