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The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight: Lots (28/02/15)


Roman Aqua (Download Here / Video 1 / Video 2)

Take a dip in the pool or enjoy the outdoor luxury of this classically gorgeous Venue!

Value: §238,723
Size: 40×30
Lot Type: Generic

02-27-15_10-09 PM-2 02-27-15_10-12 PM-6 02-27-15_10-20 PM

Semi Paradise (Download Here)

This House is symetrically split in half and each Room on the first split of the House is the same like the one on the second split. Although only 1/2 of this Residental House is unique, it’s neat for Households with more than 4 Sims.

Semi Paradise is a tropical, semi-detached home. Perfect for large households. Enjoy ^_^ Made by #PurpleKachine (also known as Manssom) #NoCC #Modern #Pool #Semi #Paradise #Tropical #moo #moveobjects

Value: §332,215
Size: 50×50
Lot Type: Residental

02-27-15_10-31 PM 02-27-15_10-33 PM 02-27-15_10-35 PM-2

Gubei day (Download Here)

Both exterior and interior of this Lot match great together!

#noCC #forumpl #creatwlifeinsims #kreat#poland #small #modern

Value: §171,381
Size: 30×20
Lot Type: Residental

02-27-15_10-44 PM 02-27-15_10-46 PM 02-27-15_10-46 PM-2

Phoenix New Construction (Download Here)

Although this House is not furnished at all, it awaits you to unleash your creativity!

Move-in ready (bathrooms+kitchen). First-floor master suite, bonus room upstairs.

Value: §116,019
Size: 40×30
Lot Type: Residental

02-27-15_10-51 PM 02-27-15_10-52 PM 02-27-15_10-52 PM-2

The Brown Flower (Download Here)

Don’t want to spend too much time inside this beautiful house? No worries! There are plenty activities for your Sims to enjoy in outside.

This is the #house that all my #Natural rooms inspired me to build. It’s also the #family #home and updated version of my #brown starter. #NoCC #tan #flower #nature #wood #stone #familyhome

Value: §298,641
Size: 40×30
Lot Type: Residental

02-27-15_11-00 PM 02-27-15_11-02 PM 02-27-15_11-07 PM

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