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The Sims 4 Get to Work: First Day at the Detective Career

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One of the new careers that comes with The Sims 4 Get to Work is the Detective career. The first day at the Detective career begins at takes place from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on every day from Monday to Friday. When it is time for your Sim to leave for work, you will receive a prompt asking you whether you want to follow them to work or send them alone. If you opt to send them alone, it will function just like a regular career. If, however, you choose to go with them, you can control them throughout the work day.

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After a short loading screen, your Sim will arrive at the Police Station. By default, it cannot be customized, but using the cheat “bb.freebuildmode” will unlock Build Mode and it will be yours to change as you want. When playing the Detective career with a new Sim for the first time, there will always be a set chain of tasks to follow. The first task is to use the computer to Get a Case Assignment. Afterwards, your Sim will be asked to use the computer to Travel to Crime Scene.

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Your Sim will then be taken to any random occupied residential lot in the game. This career gives you a reason to care about the other houses and households in the game. At the crime scene, you will be asked to Collect Clues, Get Reports from Witnesses and Take Crime Scene Pictures. Once your Sim has completed enough goals, they will be asked to return to Police Station. You can send them back by clicking on them and selecting Return to Police Station.

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On returning to the Police Station, your Sim’s next task will be to analyze the evidence using the Chemical Analyzer. You can do this by clicking on one of the Chemical Analyzers and selecting Analyze Evidence, then selecting a piece of evidence in your inventory from the list. If the first attempt isn’t successful, just try again with a different piece of evidence.

Next, your Sim will be asked to File Crime Scene Evidence at a Computer. This is straightforward: just click the computer and select File Crime Scene Evidence.

03-30-15_8-31 PMFinally, your Sim will be asked to use the Booking Station to handle existing prisoners at the station. The Booking Station is the object shown in the above screenshot. Your Sim can use it to Take Mugshots, Search Criminals and Get Criminals’ Fingerprints. Once these goals are complete, they will be replaced with random goals such as working out or interaction with co-workers. With your Sim’s remaining time, they can complete these goals to maximize their work day performance.

At the end of the day, your Sim will be send home with pay. It’s time to rest up for next time!

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