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The Sims 4 Get to Work: First Day at the Scientist Career

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One of the new careers that comes with The Sims 4 Get to Work is the Scientist career. The first level of the Scientist career takes place between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Just like with the other two careers, when it is time to leave for work you will receive a prompt asking whether you want to send them alone or follow them. If you opt to send them alone, it will function just like a regular career. If, however, you choose to go with them, you can control them throughout the work day.

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After a short loading screen, your Sim will arrive at the Science Lab, located in the middle of a dry desert. As soon as the work day starts, your Sim will be assigned goals. Unlike the Detective career, the goals are random and not part of a fixed chain. These goals often involve using science equipment or interacting with co-workers.

The Science Lab contains a wide range of machines which can be used to perform scientific experiments. If your Sim is not carrying any plant samples to experiment with, there is an indoor garden with harvestable plants. If your Sim gets hungry,  there is a snack machine on the second floor. Of course, like all careers lots, this can all be customized with the bb.enablefreebuild cheat.

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At the start of the career, The Chemical Analyzer can be used to create and analyze Elements and Flora. Elements can be created by using the Practice Analysis interaction, whereas Flora can be found in the garden at the Science Lab.

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The Chemistry Lab allows Sims to mix various Serums. At first, only the Synthetic Food Serum is available, which will increase a Sim’s Hunger need. Your Sim can collect ingredients used for Serums from the garden.

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The Invention Constructor is where Sims invent various objects. Not only that, but it even has a built in robot that Sims can interact with. There is also an option to Brainstorm, which can presumably be used to unlock new ideas for inventions.

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At the start of the career, the Microscope can be used to analyze Plant Samples, which can be collected from the garden.


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