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How many times have you anxiously awaited the release of an expansion pack only to blow through everything it had to offer in a few day’s worth of hardcore play sessions? Where you focus all your attention on the new content and burn out faster than a couch potato sim on a treadmill. Here are some tips for keeping the Get to Work content fresh longer so the wait until the next game release won’t feel as long.

Mix It Up

Trust me, I know exactly how excited you are to see everything each profession has to offer. But you need to take it slow because once you reach the end, that’s it. Much like every other aspect of Sims, you can only do the same things so many times before you tire of it. How many crime scenes can you really investigate in a row before they start to feel repetitive? How many patients can you diagnose and treat before the déjà vu sets in?


You’ve gotta mix it up. Don’t follow your sim to work every day. I know it’s tempting because, “oh my gosh it’s so new and exciting and I just need to see it all,” but you’re only going to feel that way for so long. So make it last. Your sim will survive at work without you there every day, and so will you. Besides, the rest of the family needs your attention too. You can’t forget about their lives just because a member of the family got a shiny new job.

(Don’t) Go for Gold

You’re going to think I’m crazy for saying this, but hear me out before you judge: Don’t put too much focus on the daily goals. Crazy right? It all goes back to the “mix it up” idea from earlier. You can only take too much of something before you become bored, and those daily goals will burn you out just as fast as if you were actually at work. Instead, focus on what you want your sim to do that day. Because no matter what people say, Sims 4 is still a sandbox game, and you can still play it however you want.

Don’t feel like heading out to the crime scene today? Stay at the station and schmooze the chief. Sick of dealing with the… umm… sick? Crack some jokes with the nurse over a nice pre-made lunch in the break room. Haven’t had an inspired ‘eureka’ moment for a while? Make some previously discovered serums to wreak havoc on that annoying lab technician you can’t stand the sight of.

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Build up your skills. Socialize with townies. Beat your coworkers at a game of chess. Fulfill your needs. Or your whims. Slack off as much as you want, whenever you want. Just because you have daily goals doesn’t mean you need to do them all daily. That’s the best part about following your sims to work, they can slack off more than you can at your job.

Explore Your Surroundings

Don’t let the pre-release information fool you, Magnolia Promenade isn’t the only new neighborhood in Get to Work. And no, I’m not talking about the hidden lot Sixam either. Two new neighborhoods have been added to house the new workplace buildings. These can only be accessed when your sim is working in the required profession, so make sure you take a break from the daily grind every so often to have a look around.

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The Willow Creek neighborhood houses both the police station and the hospital. Located around the two buildings are waterfront walkways perfect for a midday jog, scenic gardens, and a relaxing fountain quad. The Oasis Springs lot, that holds the science lab, is actually quite a large space full of places to scrounge for minerals and aliens amongst other collectables. There’s even a picnic area located outside the entrance to the lab where you can meet some local residents.

Now that you’re armed with these tips on keeping Get to Work fresh, get back to work. Just don’t overdo it.

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