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The Sims Magazine: Simmies Awards!



The Sims Magazine is hosting their first annual Simmies Awards! What are these Awards all about and how can you participate? Read below to find out!

This is the first time we’re doing the Simmies Awards, so we’re excited to see what nominations we receive. We like to think we’ve seen a lot of the great Sims content out there, but there’s bound to be loads we’ve missed and we hope the awards will give them some recognition…

Basically, the awards are just a bit of fun and we’ll be publishing the shortlists and winners in our April issue. Who is nominated and who wins is down to the community and an expert panel we’ve put together. For some of the awards we’ve teamed up with fansites so we’ll have the benefit of the expert knowledge of their followers in finding the best of the best.

So, here are the categories

  • The ‘I Actually Know Who That Is Without Looking at the Name!’ Best Likeness Award
  • ‘Looking Good’ – the Award For Best Dressed Sim
  • Most Pimped Crib (in conjunction with the lovely @EmSims81)
  • Most Awe-Sim Architect
  • Coolest Custom Content
  • Most Amazing Modder
  • The ‘Got to Have it’ Lot (in conjunction with building experts Simified)
  • Greatest Sim Storyteller (in conjunction with a very great Sim Storyteller (!) xSimSugar)
  • Best Use of Custom Content (also in conjunction with xSimSugar. This could be using CC in a build, story or sim)
  • Best Sim Interior Designer (in conjunction with the – clearly – awesome Sims Community)

We’d welcome your nominations for any of these categories and – yes – you can nominate yourselves! You can do that by tweeting us (@thesimsmag) or emailing us at We’ll consider every nomination and yours might make it onto the shortlist. You’ve got until Sunday 12th April to submit them.

We know we’re bound to overlook some amazing stuff – there’s just so much out there. So if you disagree with any of our winners once the mag is out, you can always let us know 🙂

We hope the Simmies will grow to be even bigger and better in years to come and involve even more of the community and brilliant fansites. In the meantime, look out for the next issue – due out mid April – to see if you’re a winner..!

So there you have it – you have about 2 days to nominate your favorite Creations and Simmers!

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