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Fun Facts you (probably) didn’t know about The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is full of hidden surprises, and Simmers over the Things you didn’t know forum discussion have posted all kinds of fun facts about the game.

Here are our top picks:

take0nme: I didn’t know unemployed sims labeled themselves “stay-at-home mom” if they have a kid and you ask about their career! That’s soo cute.

Scobre: You can laugh at your enemies’ graves and it gives Sims a happy moodlet.

KevWalker: I just found out – the hard way – that if your sim extinguishes themself in the shower after being on fire, they then have to have another shower to clean up!

DeKay: I found out that if you take photos of other sims when they’re playful/focused/etc, they will have cute and fun poses.

Simasaurus09: Cowplants randomly dance if a radio is placed near them.

AlisiaD: I saw in my game today that when a Sim is tense and they dance to music, they do a funny little stompy dance.

Nelkey: When you reach level 10 of the science career, you get invited to an alien party on Sixam! (Get to Work)

Elisabetta: I learned that if a sim is sufficiently tired they can fall asleep right where they are sitting on the sofa and take a little nap without having to lay down.

WhimsyMoon: One of my surprise finds, was a white trashcan with blue trim. It costs 1200 simoleans, but when you add trash to it, you get money back! It starts at about 20 back and keeps increasing the more that you use it! It’s wonderful….and so odd! I love it!

DeKay:Angry sims will punch a lump of clay if they see one laying around the house.

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  • Great tips! As for the trash can, it doesn’t increase the more you use it. It has to do with how many Sims are in your household. :) You get $10 per Sim every time you throw away the trash so if you have an 8 Sim household, you’d get $80 just for throwing out the garbage!

  • If your sim has gotten to know the grim reaper well enough you can see his career which says “reaper of souls” “Monday-Sunday 09:00am-09:00am” … I find it kinda funny myself… :P

  • I would like to see toddlers back in the sims 4 and drivable cars and the toddlers have cool toys and furniture like cool cribs changing tables playmats walkers highchairs and carseats and cool pushchairs to take babies and toddlers for a stroll

  • I have a painter Sims that died of old age and when he comes back to haunt his house at night he paints Master Pieces and sells them and the $$is added to the household. How cool is that? ! :D

  • One thing I didn’t know was that your alien children have a mother. Like, if a male got abducted and became pregnant, you could look on the family tree and see a random alien as that child’s mother.

  • Yes would also love toddlers back, i miss that they play in the toilet,crawl around,whine in ther crips and like when you have twins of tripples all next to each other i tought it was fun to also learn them to potty and walk etc, was the most fun of them all and i also think sims seisons used to be fun