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The Sims 4 will support Windows 10!


After Microsoft’s announcement that Windows 10 is coming on July 29, 2015, Simmers started to wonder if The Sims 4 will run on this Operating System.

To clarify things, yes, The Sims 4 will support Windows 10 (and probably previous Sims titles). SimGuruEugi made it clear on Reddit that they’re planning to support Windows 10 on the day of it’s launch:

Our plan is to support Windows 10 at launch. However, we haven’t started fully testing against it, so we can’t say with 100% certainty whether things will go as planned. :)

With that being said, do you have plans to switch to Microsoft’s latest Operating System?

Windows 10 is coming on July 29, and those who already have genuine copies of Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 can get it for free! (More info)

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  • A friend of mine tested it a few months back while participating in the insiders preview testing phases and had no issues. She also didn’t experience any issues with The Sims 3. So glad to see that The Sims 4 team does plan to support the new WIndows 10 OS. I’ve got mine reserved and I’m eager to try it out and in the event that I don’t like it..I’ll revert back to good old Windows 7 LOL!

  • Hey,
    So I have recently bought a new computer with windows 10 on it, I downloaded Sims 4 and it worked for the first day. However I tried to open the game again the next day, but when I opened the game it comes up normal then the screen turns black and shuts the game window down. This problem was not on my other computer with windows 7.
    I have tried uninstalling it reinstalling it, restarting the computer, wiping everything and nothing has worked.
    Please help!

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