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The Sims 4 Newcrest + Latest Patch Notes!


The Sims team has released a new patch with Newcrest, new features and bug fixes!

Make sure you remove all Custom Content and Mods before installing the new Patch.

Update: 06/11/2015 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hey Simmers,

It’s Thursday! There’s some exciting Stuff happening just around the corner, and we have a release to release to you… in this release. So, stretch out to a new world, welcome your Sims with a little fruitcake, and draw up a room where you can place a chair to sit in, in order to relax, if that is your inclination, or perhaps you’re more of an on the edge of your seat type of person, in which case you shouldn’t sit back, because that wouldn’t really make sense…

…well, anyway.

Um, what’s new!?

We have heard the cries from the mountain tops for space (“My Sims need space!” <- see right there). And so, welcome to Newcrest! Fifteen lots await your creative hand to build to your desire. OR if you are less inclined to build from scratch, jump into the Gallery and populate your world from your fellow Simmers’ creations. Some have already built some amazing lots, just search for #BuildNewcrest.

The return of the Welcome Wagon! Have you been finding it difficult to break the ice with your neighbors? Can’t seem to get anyone to come to the door and engage in a deep conversation about dinosaurs or your insecurities? Now when you move in to a new lot, your neighbors* will arrive with a welcoming smile and a pound of fruitcake.

*Please note: fruit cake, welcoming smile, and inviting neighbors require neighbors.

And to answer the unanswerable question of where does a lawn ornament go when their time is up, the Reagnomper gnome has been seen skulking about the Build catalog.

Tutorials have been given a facelift! Introductory dialogs now provide context as to the mode or lesson being taught, and allow you to skip a portion of the tutorial that you may already be familiar with.

A new tool, the Custom Room Tool, is now in Build Mode. This tool will allow you to draw your own room shapes.

  • You can find the tool in the Walls and Empty Rooms sort in Build Mode.
  • As you draw, each click will place a new wall segment, an indicator of the last clicked position, and a starting position. To complete the room, click back to the starting position.
  • The last clicked position provides information to you in regards to the undo behavior.

And what about issues we’ve fixed?

Issues (General)

  • We fixed a plagiarism issue that was allowing the “Original by” creator information associated with a lot or room to become lost after using the placement option via Manage Worlds and then re-uploading the lot to the Gallery.
  • Sims in inactive households will no longer find themselves conscripted into unwanted jobs.
  • You! Yes you ‘in the inactive household’ behind the ‘build structure that approximates the appearance of a’ grandstand. Stand still, Simmie!
  • We fixed an issue that could cause corruption of the save files when players attempted to share their save files with one another.
  • Using the “Enchanting Introduction” while running on a treadmill will no longer cause the Sim to sink into the treadmill.
  • Working Out will no longer satisfy the Mentor Fitness or Study Opponents daily tasks from Professional Athlete and Bodybuilder career branches.
  • Hungry Ghosts will no longer be informed that they might drown while they are swimming… mostly because we couldn’t quite agree from a philosophical approach about what it means to die when dead.
  • I suppose if you consider the ghost as a reanimation of former life, it is possible that the re-death would result in a termination of that animation. But not all agree that the ghost is a reanimation, but rather a reflection of the former Sims spirit housed in a ghostly apparition. In which case, death of a reflection no longer made sense.
  • Discussions on a Sims development team can get quite odd sometimes…
  • don’t ask me about woohoo.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the player from editing the relationships of a household that was downloaded from the Gallery and merged with a currently non-played household.
  • Candles will no longer be impacted by the paying of or lack of paying bills.
  • Much to our dismay, it turns out that candles don’t actually draw their fuel source from the power grid, but instead rely upon a rudimentary combustion for their fuel, or in some cases battery power. Neither of which are impacted by payment of bills. Huh, crazy I know.
  • Ask on Date was available as an option earlier than intended, resulting in many Sims hopes being dashed without any possibility of success.
  • I remember those times.


Issues (Get to Work)

  • Aliens have begun to adjust to the strange and scary visiting Sims to their home world and are more likely to venture from their homes, if only to catch a glimpse of a Sim.
  • Male Sims that reach level 10 in the detective career will now properly unlock the prison jumpsuit in Create a Sim.
  • Fixed an issue that was failing to save the mannequin outfit, resulting in the mannequin display reverting to another outfit rather the players setting.


Issues (Luxury Party Stuff)

  • Fruit Punch Fountain will now appear charred when charred.
  • Ok, you probably didn’t run into this (crosses fingers)… but if you ran into the “why doesn’t it burn issue” that was briefly possible in late May, and you have installed Luxury Party Stuff and you then attempted to upload to the Gallery or bulldoze the lot that had the burn issue, you may have found yourself in a “my lot is corrupted, life has ended, I see a light” state of mind, or maybe not to that extreme. This issue has now been fixed.


Much appreciation for your time, feedback, and patience,



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