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The Sims 4 July Update: New Content and Features

I’ll try to keep it short and simple in this overview post :)

For full details about The Sims 4’s July 2015 Update, click here!

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New Objects

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New Lots

Check your Gallery Library for some new (and old) pre-made lots by Maxis!

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Half Walls

To find half walls, select ”Walls and Empty Rooms” in Build Mode and select the Half Walls icon. You’ll find 5 different half wall heights, as well as 8 half wall trims that come in variety of colors.

TIP: Smaller objects can be placed on half walls!

TS4 2015-07-09 19-14-36-28

Locked Doors

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World Descriptions & More

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Ability to place Lots from the Map View

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UI Updates

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