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The Sims 4: Space CC Showcase!

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Hey Simmers! Welcome to another CC showcase!

When I first searched for this theme, I was blown away by the amount available. I’ve managed to narrow it down to my seven top favorites!

Let’s start with a pretty Space Ranger outfit, made by Snaitf over at TSR!

w-800h-600-2512634 w-800h-600-2512635 downloadbutton

Next up, we got Space Warrior outfits made by WhiteGhost! You can choose to download the whole set, or the items separated.

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SIms4Krampus created unisex planetary tattoos! I’m definitely going to use these!

w-800h-600-2535255 downloadbutton


CATS IN SPACE?! NICE. Great work by plumsmellsbad!






Minicart, you rule! Thanks for creating this awesome set!

w-800h-600-2483545 downloadbutton


Melinda-Space has created a world map sticker! Looks awesome!

w-800h-600-2608742 downloadbutton


I don’t know about you guys, but when I think of space, I also think of geometric things! Soloriya made an excellent work with this decor set!

w-800h-600-2603801 downloadbutton


And to finish up this article, we’ve got galaxy walls made by Leander Belgraves!

w-800h-600-2560581 downloadbutton

And that’s it from me today! Thank you all so much for reading and keep in mind I’ll update this article! Got a game or a theme you want us to cover? Just say so in the comments!



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