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The Sims 4: Doctor Who CC Showcase!

MTS cupcakeonastick 1461000 DoctorWhoShirts2

Hey there! I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for about two years now. The first thing I did when I finished watching it for the very first time was search for custom content. Back in the day, The Sims 4 wasn’t available yet, so I had to search for The Sims 3. Even back then, the creator below offered custom content already!

Misty in the Blue Box offers a selection of custom content inspired by Doctor Who, but this is her first Sims 4 creation. Let’s check it out! Which Doctor is your Doctor?

tumblr_ngab4oxiLg1rze0h8o4_r2_500 downloadbutton


This shirt was inspired by TeeTee. Great work, Ginnawilson!

MTS_ginnawilson-1485559-BreakingTheTime downloadbutton


Clalobaciel from MTS created a nice TARDIS dress! Check it out!
MTS_clalobaciel-1467503-DWTardisDressThumbMTS downloadbutton

Cupcakeonastick, you rule! Thanks for creating these awesome tees!

MTS_cupcakeonastick-1460998-DoctorWhoShirts1 MTS_cupcakeonastick-1461000-DoctorWhoShirts2 downloadbutton


ahunter8056, great work with this tee!

MTS_ahunter8056-1458324-09-10-14_8-39PM downloadbutton

Alright, and that’s it from me today! Keep in mind I’ll update this article as soon as I find more custom content! Got a game or a theme you want us to cover? Just say so in the comments!


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