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The Sims 4 Room Decor Guide – Spa Day Revitalizing Room

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Spa Day is OUT! You want your Sim to get the full spa experience, not just at the spa venue, but at home too!  Here are some tips in creating your own spa oasis at home with this room decor guide!

I went for a modern master bathroom where my Sims can relax after a long day of work.

I kept the theme of the room warm and dark to calm the mind and be more inviting for relaxing.

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Bamboo has cultural significance, and so is a huge highlight in the Spa Day pack.  I personally love the look of bamboo against a dark wood room.  The pop of green colour gives the room a revitalized look.
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You want your super relaxing bathroom to be spacious… enough for a HOT TUB! The Spa Day pack definitely works extremely well with Perfect Patio Stuff.  Giving your Sim multiple options to relax on will keep them relaxing for hours!

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This is a bathroom for your busy Sim who needs a well deserved relaxing evening, but cannot afford the time off to go on vacation.  Make your bathroom spacious, warm and inviting and definitely relaxing by using earth tones and dimmed lighting.

Share your Sims enjoying the Spa Day pack with the Sims Community and my own Twitter @whitey28sims. 🙂

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I am a YouTuber, Sims story teller and wannabe Interior Designer. I love sharing my Sim's stories with the community and tips on how to design your homes quickly and easily. Happy Simming!

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