Sims Community Social is coming this Friday!


About 3 months ago we asked our followers what would they like to see new and improved on our website. Our followers on Twitter really wanted to see some new social aspects on our site and we thought that it would be really cool to implement such features, and so today, I’m proud to announce that Sims Community Social will be releasing for everyone this friday!


Sims Community Social combines 7 social networking features into one giant Sims Social Network:

  • Forums
  • Media (Pictures/Videos)
  • Downloads
  • User Profiles
  • User Groups
  • Conversations
  • Personalization


Forums are designed so that each simmer can enjoy discussing various topics and themes with others. They allow you to share your simming experiences, stories, opinions, thoughts and more! What we’re most proud of is the fact that you can share and promote your Sims creations, websites, videos, tutorials and everything else that you think other simmers would like. There are no limits in promoting your passion for Sims, although you will have to post such forum threads into the right categories.


Each forum category has an explanation of what you can post and discuss in it. There are over 30 categories where you can create new threads or join the existing ones.


When creating a new thread, you’ll have a dozen of tools that will let you make a post just the way you want it. You’ll be able to add polls in your threads as well, which is really fun if you’re looking for feedback or opinions from others.



Media sections is another great way to share your love for Sims. You’ll be able to upload your own screenshots and share them with others. You can leave comments on them, give likes and give ratings (from 1 to 5). What’s also neat is the ability to edit images. Cropping, resizing and tagging are just some of the features you’ll discover!



Resources (downloads) let you upload your own files which should contain your Mods or Custom Content for others to download. Each mod or CC you upload can be updated with new file versions you’ve created, but make sure you edit your version history so that simmers can know if your file is updated or not. You can also upload images that will visually describe what’s your file about.


User Profiles

User profiles are the main aspect of Sims Community Social as everything is connected to your user account. You’re able to post status updates whenever you want and also create your very own albums for others to view, like and comment (you can always make your albums private though).


You can keep up with updates from other users by following them. They will then appear in your news feed whenever they post, like or comment something.


User Groups

User Groups are a way to appreciate dedication of our members. For now we have only 2 user groups: Member and Premium Member.

You become a member by signing up for Sims Community Social. As a member, you’ll have 20MB of free storage that you can use for media uploads and resources.

You become a premium member by posting 100 messages (threads and thread posts) and by receiving 100 likes on your status updates, media and messages. The benefits of being a Premium Member is that you have 50MB of storage, as well as a cool green “Premium Member” ribbon on your profile.

We will have more user groups and bigger storage for simmers in the future!


Conversations are designed to enjoy discussions with the people you love. What’s cool is that you can create group chats by inviting more people into your conversation!



Personalization is made for you to customize your profile and your basic info such as your location, occupation, biography and more. You can also edit preferences of what you want to be seen about you and what you prefer not to be seen. If you find e-mail alerts spammy, you can disable them in preferences.


Wordpress Integration

Sims Community Social uses a forum system called XenForo. To bring you the best experience across Sims Community and Sims Community Social, we connected Wordpress and XenForo, meaning that once you register for Social, you’ll become a subscriber for Sims Community.

This also means that our old commenting system will be gone. Starting this friday, users will be able to discuss each post straight from Sims Community Social. Don’t worry, under each post there will be a button that will redirect you to the discussion page so that you don’t have to search for it!

I can’t wait to show you more of Sims Community Social when it releases this friday! We’ll be offering awesome prizes for people who choose to become members of Sims Community Social, but more about that on Friday!

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