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The Sims 4 Turbo Careers Mod: Live Stream

Twitch Stream

Hey Guys!

Our very own Zerbu has outdone himself once again with a new gameplay mod – Turbo Careers.  Based off of the Get To Work Expansion Pack, and from his Go To School mod, Zerbu has made it so ALL careers are “Go To Work”-able. Meaning we get to go with them all the time! If we wish!

I am showcasing this brand new amazing mod on my Twitch channel –

Come by and check it out to see if you would want this amazing mod in your game!

Zerbu is the best.

You can learn more about this mod here!

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I am a YouTuber, Sims story teller and wannabe Interior Designer. I love sharing my Sim's stories with the community and tips on how to design your homes quickly and easily. Happy Simming!

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