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All of The Sims Games Work on Windows 10

WARNING – Back up all of your game saves prior to installing Windows 10 as an added precaution.

(I didn’t because I’m too impatient a person and I never said I was bright. Luckily my files were fine, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s will be. There’s a lot of file transferring involved in the upgrade installation process, so there’s countless ways things could go wrong. So in the words of Prince Royce – Baby back, back, back it up.)


The day has finally come for the new, shiny Windows 10 release. While most seemed to be undaunted by the update, simmers everywhere feared for their games. We’ve been through this many times before. A new operating system has every chance to break our beloved games. And how could we survive without the ability to go back and play The Sims, even though it was released over 15 years ago? It’s aged very well, might I add. So before everyone jumped on the opportunity to download the new OS at the first chance they got, many wavered for fear of losing their games forever.

But have no fear! I’m here to confirm that every game from The Sims Complete Collection to Sims 4 and everything in between (looking at you Medieval) runs just as well on Windows 10 as they did before the update.

NOTE: The following results are from my laptop specifically. Other’s results may vary. I have, however, seen several people across the web verify they work for them as well.

I assume it’s safe to say if the games work on your computer now, they’ll work the same after you install Windows 10 as well. Possibly even better than before.

Below is some information specific to running each series.

The Sims Complete Collection

Please be aware users have had difficult times installing The Sims games for many years now as technology continues to change and improve. Most of those issues, however, seem to stem from the original copies and not The Sims Complete Collection. The way they repackaged all of the games together for the collection must have changed the way the games install, so users have an easier and more successful time installing it compared to the individual games. Again, your results may vary depending on your rig.

One of the most common issues with The Sims, no matter what version you have, is the black box glitch. When you initially run the game in windowed mode, you’re graced with this wonderful black box that covers the game screen. It looks like below.


This box covers anything and everything on the screen, so even if you put a window over The Sims window, the black box will cover everything. The way to remove this box is to press CTRL + ALT + DEL on your keyboard. This will bring up a new window with several options. Don’t click any of them, exit the screen instead. Once you exit, the black box will be gone and you’ll see your game.



Sadly, without modding, the screen size is not adjustable and what you see is what you get. Modding is also not a perfect solution as it causes some wonky issues with the UI. Your other option is to play full screen, which also has a major con – when you get in game, you have to stay there. If you ALT + TAB to view a different window and then return to the game, it will completely freeze a few moments later and you’ll have to force close it.

So when playing The Sims, you have two choices: Play in the small windowed mode, or play full screen and make sure you never switch tabs.

The Sims 2


The only issue I faced with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection on Windows 10 was that it reverted my custom GraphicsRules file, so I ran into the same graphics issues many people suffered on Windows 8.1. This was a quick fix as all I needed to do was remake the custom file using a program specifically built for that. It can be found HERE.

After reinstating that custom file, everything was smooth sailing. The game actually runs faster now than it did in Windows 8.1.

The Sims 3, The Sims Medieval,

The Sims 4

Island Paradise Screenshot-6 07-20-15_11-54 PM

Windows 10 doesn’t change anything about these games or what you need to do to play them flawlessly. They all more recent releases, so they play nicely with updated tech. If you run into any issues trying to play any of these, it’s most likely not a Windows 10 specific issue.

As usual, your results may vary, but like Sims 2, these games actually run faster and smoother for me on Windows 10 than they did on Windows 8.1.

I hope this has eased some of your uneasiness in deciding whether or not Windows 10 is for you.


About the author

Nate Alexander

I'm an aspiring indie screenwriter that can't stop simming long enough to be productive. Aside from sims, my hobbies include writing, eating, sleeping, not exercising, and loving turtles.


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  • How did you get TS1 and TSM to run? They both worked for me in Windows 7. I’ve tried compatibility mode/everything in Windows 10 and they just won’t work. TS2 and up work fine for me though. Would still like to play the older ones though.

    • Fixed my problem with Sims 1 and 2!! I partitioned my hard drive and installed Windows 7 on it! I have a 1 Trig computer. Kept Windows 10 on one partition, and Windows 7 on the other!

  • Sims Medieval WILL run on Windows 10, but from my test, it has to be the unpatched version. The latest patch will load, but it won’t actually open the game and it’ll just sit there, eating CPU and a small amount of RAM but not getting anywhere.

  • Can you tell us what you did to get The Sims (1) Complete Collection to work on Windows 10? It installs perfectly fine for me but when I click for it to play, nothing happens. The Sim Creator works perfectly, but I can’t get the actual game to play.

  • This article is wrong, The Sims Complete Collection does not work at all. It worked fine in 8.1 but doesn’t run in Windows 10. It doesn’t even TRY to run, it just does nothing when I try to open it. The launcher will appear but clicking a resolution does nothing. I tried EVERY compatibility setting and even reinstalled the game. This is so upsetting for me because literally all I do is play Sims 1.

    HOW did you get your Sims 1 game to run? Please respond.

    • The Sims Complete Collection won’t work. Bottom line because it has software called “safe disc” in it that prevents you from copying the disc. However windows 10 recognizes it as a virus and blocks the program out. If you want to play the game. Get either an XP computer, Vista pc, or a Windows 7 pc with NO SECURITY UPDATES!. windows 7 security updates also recognize safe disc as a thret. It’s not though.

  • I literally didn’t do anything differently with any of my games to play them in Windows 10. I was on 8.1, updated to Windows 10, and got right into them and they all worked fine. I said in the article that results may vary as computers are vastly different. Obviously I can’t make a guarantee that anything will work 100% of the time. I’m not sure what your issues could be. And I run the Medieval all the way patched too, with the expansion and it runs fine. So yes, they do work.

    • “I was on 8.1, updated to Windows 10” and that is why you have no issues.

      You had installed the games in 8.1, in the process installing Securom to your system. Upgrading to Windows from that point does not remove Securom.

      New PC’s do not come with Securom pre-installed. Windows 10 actively blocks Securom and other rootkit installers from being installed. This means that games with Securom (most of EA’s catalog) will install but when you go to play it cannot bypass the security check. This includes games on Disc and on Origin.

      So one of two things needs to happen either MS remove the security of this which would allow viruses to install directly into your BIOS. (this is unlikely)
      Or EA needs to patch the games. Considering EA’s track record on this kinda topic I wont hold my breath.

      Other non-EA titles which are throwing up the exact same error are easily bypassed with a No-CD crack. Not something recommended with EA games due to online authentication aswell that will likely see your account banned.

      • I stand corrected, I set up a dual boot to my old Windows 8.1 drive (OEM so thought this wouldnt work but it did) and ran the game, had the same problem. At this point I shift my focus from Win10 to Skylake processors.

        So I went and checked my BIOS version and there was an update, nothing specific to this issue but I figured Id try it.

        This did resolve the issue and I have been able to load into Sims3 fully patched (without EP’s Ill try them later) where I couldnt before. So where Gigabyte specifically identified their update fixed this issue Asus did not.

        For Asus users and put the model of motherboard ie Maximus VIII ranger, select the OS and then expand BIOS. Mine for the above mention board were at 0401 an update to 0801 is there, download it and save it to a USB drive. You then reboot, go into BIOS and use the EZ updater to update the BIOS using the file you just downloaded to USB. When it starts WAIT, do not do anything until you boot into Windows, it may look like your PC is done but it switches off and on a few times when its done it booted up to windows for me (had to restart and re-apply certain BIOS settings).

        Gigabyte and do the same as with Asus. I dont know how their BIOS update works but Im sure theres instruction on their site.

        This means your fine on the upgrade, you just might need to flash your BIOS if you have trouble launching.

  • I just upgraded to windows 10 yesterday after backing up my game and running substandard compatibility check. After the installation I also updated the origin app and made sure everything was in place. But no matter what I do, after I press play on the game launcher, the screen goes black as if the game is gonna start, but it never loads and it crashes instead. I tried running it on compatibility mode but still nothing. Has anyone dealt with a similar problem and how did you resolve it ?

    • Hey, I’ve got the same problem as you do and I’m so frustrated. I just upgraded to Windows 10 a few days ago, but when I tried running Sims 3 it immediately crashed after I pressed play. I can’t even start the game or anything because after two seconds black screen it crashes. I tried everything – I uninstalled all my Sims 3 games and reinstalled the base game, which – surprisingly – didn’t help either, I even tried to run it in compatibility mode, patched the game…. nothing has worked. Has anybody already found a solution to this problem?

  • I had the same problem as above users, it simply doesn’t run the sims.exe program at all. Also tried installing on a different computer using Windows 10, wouldn’t recognize the third disc. I’ve heard that people who successfully installed it still ran into the same problem where it wouldn’t run at all. I tried running the program with compatibly packs and of course every time as an administrator but nothing worked. My solution: I reverted back to Windows 7 and everything is now running beautifully again. I personally don’t like Windows 10 at all: slower, more clutter, just generally worse, plus obviously can’t use a lot of my programs.

    But, for those of you who want to stick to Windows 10 I read this:
    Looks like the game has to be modified to not run off of the game disc. Don’t know how it works since I reverted back, but thought it might help someone. Also, if you’re an individual who might want to restore back to Windows 7, make sure you do it within 30 days of upgrading because Windows 10 will delete the Windows 7 files after 30 days and you’ll be stuck.

  • I have all the old discs (Sims deluxe edition, and the 3 expansion pack collections) and while I got them all to install on my desktop (after a few tries) they refuse to run. The run.exe does absolutely nothing…I am so bummed out. My sister has had my discs for quite a while and I just finally got them back and now I still can’t play.

  • I’m not sure if it’s a similar problem to what you guys are experiencing but a while back (like a year ago) I reinstalled my Sims 2 games but nothing would start from the game launcher. I got it to run however by using the application in the EA GAMES > The Sims 2 (Expansion pack name) > TSBin folder and running the application ‘Sims2EP# where the # refers to the expansion pack number. And the game works just as it used to. So I haven’t updated my 7 to 10 like you guys have but you might find that works. Hope it helps.

  • I have issues with Sims 3 and Sims Medieval on Windows 10. Sims 3 won’t even launch. It goes through the launcher and you press play and nothing happens. It doesn’t even run in the background. There is a little loading ring but then It literally just stops and then you can press play through origin again. I reinstalled it so many times, trying to launch it without patches, updates etc but still nothing. With Medieval the same thing happens as Lukeno94 states. It just runs in the background but there is no actual screen on the windows desktop. I’ve Tried reinstalling it and playing it without the patch, but it won’t install the game unless you download the latest patch.

  • I’m having a very similar problem to people on here. I have recently bought a new laptop and upgraded to Windows 10. When i try to install Medieval on it, it does go through the whole process and appears as a desktop icon. But when i click on play nothing happens! then i try again and it says it is already running, but i cant find it anywhere! I f nyone figures it out please please let me know.

  • I am having the same issue with Medieval…installed it, nothing happens when I try to run the game, uninstalled it, tried again…same thing …found a workaround on another Sims forum to go to Origin and enter the serial code and install the game through Origin, but that didn’t work…got routed to register it on, did that…now what. Stuck. :(

  • Well a correction to the authors claims.

    Sims will work if you upgraded to windows 10 from another OS, having already installed the game before upgrading to 10. (Well any game that has Securom)

    If you are doing a new PC with Windows 10 it will not work.

    This is because Microsoft has blocked intrusive DRM (and virii) that would install into the BIOS of your PC. So if you got new hardware you cannot install Securom. Nearly every EA title uses Securom for its copy protection. It does not matter if you use Disc or Origin as both utilise Securom.

    Simply put until EA execs get their head out of their asses and get the DRM removed EA games will not work with new computer systems.

  • I have Windows 10 and game starts perfectly, but when it shows lots and houses, the game just keep loading again and again. Wtf is going on???

  • I was running Sims 2 fine on Windows 10 for ages until 2 days ago there was an auto update and now – BAM apparently it’s incompatible! Tried doing the trouble shooting thing nothing changes. Can’t change back apparently because I’ve had Windows 10 over 30 days. I’m all out of ideas except to back up my files (somehow, don’t know how yet) and restore the entire PC to factory settings. Don’t even know whether that would work but please please if anyone can help please help

  • The sims 3 won’t work for me on windows 1o, it won’t even launch. Should I reinstall? if so, how should I reinstall the sims 3 so that it runs on windows 10?

  • i am having massive issues with sims 2 went and got most the expansion packs installed the original sims 2 worked fine when to install an expansion pack installation ran most the way through got to about 95% asked for dic 4 of original then said it was updating and crashed saying error occured installation will now terminate and just turns of that happens with all expansions and now the original won’t work uninstalled tried to reinstall and now that won’t work …. help please

    • I just got a new computer with Windows 10 and I am having the same issue when trying to install. TS2 installed fine, but the expansion packs won’t install. Did you ever find a solution for this?

  • I am using W10 for my S2 and I did the graphic program so I dont have to run windowed. BUT, when I try building and playing, my graphics weird out and walls disappear and reappear and the grid comes and goes. It is a pain in the ass to try and work with. Anyone know the best graphic setting to use or how to get rid of this problem?

      • Thanks Jess, but I believe that is for pc’s with much older setups. Mine is a brand new Toshiba Satellite with W10 pre-installed. The Sims run great after I performed the graphics program to be able to utilize full screen and to minimize without crashing. I have to minimize frequently because I am a creator with my own Sims site. The problem I have is that my walls and grid disappear and come back when looking at things from different angles. frustrating. Other than that I have the most beautiful detail in the game that I never saw before, Maxis clothing actually looks pretty on my laptop…can you believe it?

  • So, I’m currently in W8.1 and looking to maybe upgrade? How do TS2 and TS4 play on W10, if at all? I’ve heard so many conflicting reports, but the biggest one I’ve heard was that players couldn’t even get TS2 to play at all (and they had the ultimate collection) or if it did play it was so laggy it was essentially unplayable. These problems persisted even when they reverted back to W8.1, going from a game that ran flawlessly to a game that lagged horribly unless they ran in the smallest windowed mode they could. How have others fared with it?

  • I upgraded to w10 a few months ago. I didn’t try playing sims because i was in the middle of the school semester and i don’t play during the semester. when it came time for me to be able to play, Windsows 10 did not recognize my disk at all. i tried to go through Origen, and through the sims start page both asked me to put in the current expansion (into the future).i went through this several times and then unloaded that one thinking that maybe i needed to use a different disk. but the same thing happened. Next i unloaded all of them and tried to reload them. but my disks are still not being recognized as being in the cd/dvd drive.

  • Ive had to revert back to windows 7 as nothing i did let the game get passed the launcher. I loved windows 10, but love my sims 3 more.

  • I just installed the sims 2 onto a new pc with Windows 10. The game runs great but I’m having issues with downloading cc. The sims2pack clean installer is not working and I can’t open every package file…

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  • I just recently bought a new laptop with windows 10 on it, and I’ve been trying to install the sims 2 on it. The original sims 2 installed fine but I’m having issues with the expansion packs. At about 95% it asks me to put disc 4 of the sims 2 in and then it tries to do an update, but the update always crashes and then installation terminates. Please help me! I miss my sims :(

  • I have been trying to play The Sims 1 and the game has installed and will play however once I have created my families, they will not save and once I move them into a property, I can not build or buy anything and then the game will not save. Anybody else had the same problem and if so, how did you overcome this?

  • I have installed all of my Sims 2 games perfectly fine. They are all on my laptop which has Windows 10 but when I try to run them it comes up with an error about any DirectX9.0c compatible graphics adaptors? What does this mean and how can I fix it so that I can run Sims 2 on my laptop?

  • I found my old CD’s of The Sims Deluxe and I wanted to install them on my laptop w10. But I can’t get the installation to start.
    How can I fix that?

  • I have the Sims 2 installed through Origin on a Windows 10 machine. I have tried to play multiple times but the graphics are all crazy. Everything is completely discolored. I tried to click the link in the post above but the link is broken. Any one else having this same problem? Do you know of a fix?

  • Hi there!
    I have had a ridiculous number of problems running my Sims 3 games ever since I bought the base game in 2009. I first played them on my new-at-the-time Dell laptop that has Windows Vista. The problem with it lay with the graphics. Any time a Sim was not average weight or build they would look obscured and their heads would detach from their bodies. Eventually, after a lot of gameplay, my laptop stopped playing the game. I tried updating the drivers, even took it to numerous technicians, but was eventually told I would not be able to play my games on my laptop as it was too old and could no longer be updated. I then installed the games on my brother’s Dell laptop, which has Windows 7. This is the one I am currently using. I had had a great deal of success, and was loving that the graphics were not obscured and I could run Create-A-World perfectly, even being able to use the “Edit in Game” function to create my dream world. Then one day the game decided not to load no matter what I did. I took it to the technician again and he somehow lowered my gaming base score from 3.9 to 3.4, making it impossible to run the game. I even had several friends attempt to help me but to no avail. I am planning to buy a gaming laptop that my brother found online for me that comes with Windows 10. The whole reason I want to buy it is so I can finally play the game I have spent so much money and time attempting to get working on. Can you within a margin of 5% guarantee that I am making the right decision by buying this laptop? I have been let down too many times playing this game and I don’t want to be disappointed when I buy this. If it’s any help, I currently have the base game, all expansion packs, all stuff packs, Create-A-World, Create-A-Pattern, and most of the store items DLC (I’m planning on purchasing all of it though!). Does anyone know if I will finally be able to play the game I have wanted to play since I was 16?

  • Help! I have managed to install Sims 2 on my laptop (recently updated to Windows 10) but I can’t install ay of the expansion packs, Any ideas?

  • I want to redownload ts2 (all of them) however I don’t have many of the disks, and last time I did it when I had windows 8 it kept crashing How can I download without all the disks and on windows 10

  • Can someone please tell me then why MY Sims2 would NOT function properly with my Windows 10 upgrade? I had to remove Windows 10 in order to resume my addition (SIMS!!!)

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  • I upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10 with the Sims Deluxe already installed after the install it is telling me that I need Directx 9 needs to be installed to run. it will not open I just get that error for Directx 9.

  • Before installing Windows 10, i had both all the Sims 2 games installed [aka Mansion and Garden Stuff] , and then the ultimate collection. Afterwards, now, neither work. For all the sims games I downloaded [Mansion&Garden Stuff], If I double click on it, nothing happens. I’ve tried setting it to different compatability modes- same thing though. It doesn’t load at all. As for Ultimate Collection, my entire progress has been wiped out. God knows why :/ .

  • So my computer automatically updated itself to windows 10 – much to my annoyance – and whenever I play the sims 3, it will run about 5 to 10 minutes and then crash down all of sudden. I’ve tried everything, from upgrading my nvdia graphics driver to windows 10 compatibility / run the game in windows XP service pack 2 mode to running the game in small screen mode, but it still crashes every time. Can someone tell me what the f*cking problem is? Cause I’m running out of patience and I don’t want to waste all that time and effort of downgrading back to windows 8.

  • My friend wants me to play The Sims game, i bought The Sims 1, I have Windows 10, put the cd in and nothing happens. I have read so many blogs, my head is spinning. One tells you how to do it, so quick, i cant understand it. Sorry but im an oldie, and its really ppp me off.

  • i have windows 10 and trying to install MySims for my daughter and it gets threw install but doesnt give me a desktop icon or anthing in the applications for the game

  • My sims 2 game just kept crashing so I uninstalled it and reinstalled the main game but whenever I try to install an EP it says it needs to update the game then crashes. Apparently hundreds of people have messaged EA about this but nothing has been done. Now I can’t play the sims 2 at all :(

  • Hey I tried downloading the sims deluxe edition on my windows 10. it doesn’t work, I click play and it doesn’t load. can you pls help

  • Please help before I break my computer in frustration. I have a Toshiba laptop with windows 10. I’ve downloaded Sims 2 and have been playing it over last couple of weeks with no problems. I’ve just got myself 8 expansion packs but none of them are being installed. Sims2 University currently won’t download any more than 18% before saying it can’t go any further. It did to begin with and so has every other game, but once everything is downloaded it says it needs to check for updates and at the end says there’s an error and cancels the installation. I’ve seen loads of doing theorys online but nothing’s working. Has anyone had this issue before that can help please.

    • I have the same problem :/ I dont know what to do. Have you find a solution ?
      I only have the base game I cant play with any of the expansions ..

  • Hi,

    When I try to play TS2, it crashes upon loading my family and sometimes it doesn’t even make it that far.
    Any suggestions on what would help? I play the game with no CC because it’s so old, but I like the gameplay better than TS4 and it reminds me of my childhood.


  • Mine tells me to enter a code in the box but i don’t have to box only the cd. ;_; is the code the same for everyone?

  • on windows 10 when i run the sims 3 the game crashes after few minutes – its impassible for reason to be in my computer cuz its brand new – its i7 1tera disk and 16gb ram (asus)

  • I just bought this new acer laptop with windows 10 and everything went well until I tried to open the sims 2. There´s no problem with the graphics but when I try to open it, it only shows up for 2 seconds and then goes back to the desktop. The first time I tried to open it went well, but when I plugged my earphones it threw me to the desktop. From that it has not worked. Should I delete and download it ? I need help :(

  • Ok, so I just bought an original copy of the first sims game unopened. I loaded it in and when I press play, nothing. I’m really hoping someone else has figured out how to get it to play on windows ten. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi, for some reason when you try and load the Sims Game, it doesn’t load (I am not sure why but I think it is something to do with Windows 10 not using the same cd check format as before), so you need to replace the .exe with a nocd.exe. If you head to this youtube video and click on show more of the video description, it lists all the NOCD cracks available, so for whichever game you have just download that, and then copy and paste the .exe in the zip file over the .exe that is located in the Sims folder, and then it should load :)

  • Was thinking of buying a new computer. I have a dinosaur now still running windows xp LOL…my game with all expansions and mods keeps crashing after so long of playing. I have tried running it without mods and does the same thing. My question to you is what computer or laptop would you recommend to run TS2 with all expansions and mods smoothly without having to buy too many extra upgrades (ie: graphics cards, etc.) or is there even such a creature out there? Thanks!

  • For me, the sims 2 screen will flicker, the ground texture in neighbourhood view will be… messed(?), and win defender will block the launcher (found the solution for the launcher). 2008. Oh, and i cannot change anti aliasing.

  • google Carls the sims guides for whatever sims game specs and forums for troubleshooting. Carl is The Sims Guru!

  • I have all the discs for TS2, but skipped the install on my new Win10 computer, and opted to get the pre-packaged set online. It works, so I saved myself a lot of trouble. However, I cannot seem to run TS2 in windowed mode. I installed the Graphics adjuster program, but still no luck with windowed mode. I get a small box that is blanked out. Music plays, but beyond that, I can’t do or see anything. Any tips or help to get this to work? I need to multi-task, plain and simple, and I can’t without windowed mode.

  • I had just bought a windows 10 laptop and I installed the sims 2 DVD special edition but when I went to download the expansion packs it would get all the way to the end where Id have to put the DVD special edition back in and it was gonna see if the game was up to date. Well this box would pop up stating that the TS2UPD0.exe has stopped working so I clicked continue and it terminated the installation. Please is there any way around this? I can not download the Sims 2 the complete collection because I can not find a site I trust to not give me a virus. I ended up having to return my laptop because I was very close to a complete hard drive failure. I am thinking buying an older laptop that runs an older os so I can play my game and the expansions.

  • My daughter has a random handful of the original Sims games (Hot Date, Copter, Tower, Isle, etc), including the initial one, which she would like to be able to play on the new Windows 10 computer she just got. She tried installing the initial one (after doing the Windows 10 to Windows 7 conversion) and said that it wouldn’t even pop up.
    She thinks that, even if she could install the first one, she will not be able to install the others because she does not have the others in the set, “in order.” Is that correct, or not?
    And lastly, for overall functionality, maybe she would be better off just buying the new(er) complete set and not trying to deal with these random original SIMS games that we have?
    many thanks in advance for your help