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The Sims 4: Throwing The Perfect Party!

08 05 15 5 03 PM

Hello everyone! JessiSims114 here with a post on helping your sims bring down the house!


Are your sims ready to party?

After the announcement for The Sims 4: Get Together dropped at EA Gamescom this morning, I was inspired to have my sims throw the perfect party and get together with their friends. But you don’t have to wait until November for your sims to throw a great party now!

What do you need to throw a great party?

When your sims want to throw a party they first have to decide what kind of party they want, a jumpin’ house party? A laid back weenie roast? Or do they call the Goth’s for an upscale dinner party? YOU decide! Cater your party to your sims! One thing you will need is a house to throw it at! So here we have my party house:

08-05-15_4-57 PM

Or if your sims just don’t feel like cleaning up after, throw it at your friends house!

Meet my sim Jamie, she’s calling all her friends over to her house for a house party!

08-05-15_5-03 PM



Jamie has to prepare her house for her party, some good items to keep in mind (if you don’t already have them on the lot):

  • Buffet Table: for $250 your sims can fill their buffet table with everything their guests could want for food for the evening. It is small and can be placed virtually anywhere, I just dropped mine on the porch and it’s ready to go! (Don’t have Luxury Party Stuff?? Have your sims prepare a delicious group meal instead! Equally as delicious!)
  • Fountain of Mirth: To compliment your sims new buffet table, add the fountain of mirth and have your sim fill it with chocolate, caramel, fruit punch…the possibilities are endless! All night long sims will enjoy an endless stream of caramelly goodness.
  • Seating: If your sims party space is lacking seating for their guests, throw in a couple benches or patio chairs for their aching feet once they start dancing the night away.
  • Bar: If your home doesn’t already have a bar area, toss one in the backyard or on the porch for your sims to enjoy a drink or two during the evening. Is someone in your household a mixologist? Have them tend the bar for free!

08-05-15_5-13 PM

The guests are arriving! The guests are arriving!

Your food is set, the drinks are made, and the kids are on their best behavior (or so you think), now your guests will start to arrive! Greet them with a smile and thank them for coming. If you are choosing to have your party ‘scored’ in the game, this is a requirement anyway, but even if you’re not, didn’t your mother teach you to thank your guests??

Once everyone has arrived, call them to the meal! No one wants to dance on an empty stomach!

08-05-15_5-14 PM

Shmooze ’em:

Your guests will want to feel welcome, it doesn’t hurt one bit to go around and do a little shmoozing, tell a joke or two! Unwind! This is your sims time to drown their day of worries with fun! And who doesn’t love a good joke?

08-05-15_5-16 PM-8

While you’re shmoozing your guests into next year, it also doesn’t hurt to have your husband do some minor housekeeping…someone has to clean up those carelessly placed dishes!

08-05-15_5-17 PM

Unwind, I repeat, unwind!

You’ve done the work, invited the guests, prepared the food, greeted, joked, the whole nine yards! It’s time to relax and watch your guests enjoy the night…at least until it’s time to shake that groove thang.

08-05-15_5-19 PM

Shake it, shake, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture!

You heard me, turn up the music and get ready to dance! Your party is almost over so it’s time to really turn it up. Put on your sims favorite music and invite all your guests to the “dance floor”, it could be the living room, the front porch, the back deck, or even your bedroom, just get those tails shakin’!

08-05-15_5-21 PM

So long, farewell, alvetersain, goodbye!

Your party is coming to a close and man, are you whipped! Between the preparations, mingling, and don’t forget dancing, you are ready to hit the hay! Say goodbye to your guests and thank them for coming again, then it’s time for bed!

Wait…we forgot the dishes didn’t we? Take a few minutes and clean those dishes up that have been left EVERYWHERE! You’ll thank yourself in the morning when your porch doesn’t smell to high heaven, believe me.

08-05-15_5-30 PM

Well, you did it! You threw the perfect party! Feels good doesn’t it? Now throw a few more, sit back, and wait for Get Together to add even more to your parties!


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