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Are we craving seasons after #SimSummer?

Are we craving seasons after #SimSummer?

The Sims recently had nine weeks of screenshot bliss where they asked simmers to post up our best pictures of sims enjoying the summer under #SimSummer, they even collected together their favorites and gave away some cool goodies too! It was a fantastic way for The Sims to connect with their fans and each week they asked for a different type of screenshot which included everything from weddings, camping, backyard BBQ’s, indoor shots and scenic shots.

So after all these sizzling screenshots has this left simmers craving seasons in The Sims 4? (That was almost a tongue twister!) We know there are many seasons lovers out there and it’s among one of the most wanted add ons we have requested. I spoke to a selection of simmers within SC Social to ask them if they would like to see similar screenshot events and nearly all spoke of one for every season! We loved seasons in The Sims 2 and 3 and the added realism this brought to the game, but before we continue lets take a look at a mini selection of sensational #SimSummer shots!


Sim Summer 1 @grzesssiuuu

We all want to be invited to this backyard BBQ! – @grzesssiuuu

Sim Summer 2

A truly magical scenic screenshot of a summer sunset –@ananasnedo

sim summer 3

A perfect family camping holiday! –  @Cecisosa27Ceci

Sim Summer 5

The Baxter family boogie to the boombox! –@castledances

The Sims 3 in particular brought us a fantastic expansion with its seasons release, I personally fell totally in love with it and all the things they managed to pack in! Our sims could do so much with a wide range of activities within every season including Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Snowboarding, Apple Bobbing, Pumpkin Carving, Trick or Treating, Save the Egg Hunts and so much more. I still play The Sims 3 because of this expansion pack and I felt it added so much more realism to the game. The weather also affected our game play and interactions with our sims, they could get too hot in the summer months or too cold in the winter, this could result in a sim with sunburn or if your sim got too cold they could turn blue and die of frostbite!

It was incredibly exciting and I felt more connected to our sims lives with extra needs to care for them and if I may say so I thought they felt more human too, the weather also shook up certain elements of the game in interesting ways, lets look at a few examples:

  • We needed to make sure they had outdoor clothing for when it rained or to keep them warm.
  • We also needed to pick appropriate clothing for each season.
  • The fireplace could be used to warm our sims up when it was cold outside.
  • We had to make sure the children left for school with an umbrella so they didn’t return home soaked.
  • We didn’t need to water plants if it rained and rain also put out fires.
  • An umbrella could attract lightning and kill a sim!
  • Sims could get an allergy shot at the hospital to allow them to enjoy the seasons.



Each season also had its own festival with Union Cove where sims could celebrate each season with cool additions to the game such as the photo booth where they could take a picture and print it on a greetings card, or what about the kissing booth and love tester machine, perfect for the love day celebrations! We also had the tanning booth in summer along with soccer shootout, fall greeted us with Spooky Day and a pie eating contest, and winter brought us Snowflake Day with the ability to create snow angels and build snowmen! I really could go on all day about the seasonal features but lets get back to the original question, has #SimSummer left us craving seasons in The Sims 4? In my opinion yes it has, after a full year of nothing but sunny weather I would like to see them add seasons in soon and create more events with their fans making use of each season. I’m not saying its a priority but it I do feel its something that every sims generation should have and in future releases maybe even include it in the base game.

We want to know what you think about adding seasons into The Sims 4 and if you would take part in more screenshot events like #SimSummer? Do you feel that seasons in past editions of The Sims added more realism to the game? and finally Do you think it could be something that should be included in the base game in future?

Let us know your thoughts and what about some theme ideas if The Sims hosted another screenshot event!

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I have been playing The Sims since the dawn of its creation and followed its journey to the present day, I am a keen gamer and tech lover and I currently work within the graphic design and web development industry, my other hobbies include cycling, reading and handmade crafts.


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  • Yes! I *need* seasons!
    I started making Fall & Autumn sims because I love it so much. Fortunately, in the last official survey, they mentioned a seasons themed pack.

    • Me too! I made a fall sim with a nice cozy looking sweater that came with the base game!! I really hope they add seasons, pets, toddlers, and generations!!! (And maybe even preteens cause they were thinking about preteens) The game is most incomplete without those!

    • I myself would love to have seasons in the sims 4 i would also like seasons a a huge update with more of a big world that is new to live in

  • I have been craving seasons since the start of Sims 4. It’s part of the reason why I still play sims 3 more often. I hope that when they do add seasons for TS4 that it has the holidays TS3 did. I loved being able to throw parties for each holiday and the festival grounds were one of my favorite things. Expanding on that in TS4 would be amazing. Only time will tell what the future holds. I just hope they start improving the EP’s cause saw far they have been okay but nothing that I am extremely excited for.

  • Yessss! We need seasons
    We also want generations , town stuff packs , groceries, lahndromat and of course children traps, timeouts

  • It would be cool if we had seasons and maybe a vacation place like a ski resort. I miss snow, thunder storms all that and snow boarding, ice skating, making snowmen etc. bring it back!!!! :D

    • They actually proposed that in the last survey.

      Something along the lines of two new vacation destinations: a beach town and a winter resort. The GP would then allow you to unlock seasons in every other map. But, they only mentioned winter and summer, so I’m hoping they’d distinguish fall and spring too. I also want weather events :D

  • I’ve never played with seasons in the Sims 3. But I’ve heard so much good things about it and it seems fun. Having different weather can change up gameplay a whole lot. Including different interactions. I hope they put it in soon.

  • Seasons is my favorite expansion ever. Supernatural is awesome. But I’d rather have seasons first. But I swear to God if they relase seasons throughout small measley stuff packs I am going to be furious and start a revoloition.