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The Sims 4: Machinima Madness


Machinimas have been a popular amongst simmers ever since the first game, and are a great alternative to traditional Sims storytelling techniques. A machinima is the use of a video game to create a cinematic production, and so this can be a fun way to show off your Sims to the world, as well as your video-editing techniques.

The Sims 4: Machinima Madness

Excerpt from Youtube user Nittens’ machinima: “The Beauty of Granite Falls”.

The most common machinimas come in the form of music videos, taking a popular song and creating a short film that often revolves around lyrics and themes highlighted in the song chosen. Other forms tell a story formulated by the creator, which often have guest voice-overs, or words displayed on-screen to show what their superstar Sims are saying.

One particular machinima stands out from the rest, Rémi Marocelli’s video “Bella Goth”. This film revolves around the much speculated story of the Goth family, in particular Bella’s mysterious disappearance. The film is a two-part series, which you can find on Marocelli’s Youtube channel.

Rémi Marocelli’s video “Bella Goth” is an excellent example of a high-quality machinima

Some tips for a great machinima:

  • enable the headlineeffects off cheat. This will make your video look more real!
  • Try drafting a storyboard first! That way you’ll know exactly where you’ll be going.
  • Get friendly with the tab camera. You’ll be achieve greater angles and make tracking shots easier.

Need more help creating your own Sims 4 machinima? Check out this tutorial by Youtube user Nittens!

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