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The Sims 4 Challenge: 31 Days of Halloween

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With Halloween just around the corner, people are eager to get into the celebration of these festivities, and so I am pleased to present the 31 Days of Halloween challenge! Originally created by simmer Illustrasims, this challenge puts your photography skills to test, much like the #SimsSummer mini challenges. The rules are simple, take one photo for every day of October. Each day will have a different theme, but of course, you can mix the days around if you wish! For the full list of themes, go to this post by Illustrasims.


Want to add a sense of autumn spirit to your game? Check out this mod by dani-paradise to turn your trees into beautiful shades of red and gold. Happy Halloween!

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I’ve been playing Sims ever since I got it in a Pizza Hut deal, but had been a big fan before then! I am an avid gamer and stay-at-home mother to a cheeky 9 month old, but will quite happily play video games well into the night (or morning!).

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