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The Sims 4: Living in Granite Falls

09 19 15 1 54 AM

Move into Granite Falls today!

Requires Outdoor Retreat Game Pack

If you’re not a fan of Destination World features but still would love to move your Sims in Granite Falls, Zerbu’s got a solution for you! The Destination to Residental World Mod lets Granite Falls be treated like any other World we have to this date, allowing your Sims to move in, visit neighborhoods and never leave the world again!

To start your endless Granite Falls adventure, download Zerbu’s Destination to Residental Granite Falls Mod HERE!

The .zip file that you have downloaded needs to be extracted in Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

When you launch up your game and either start a new game or load up your old save, you’ll notice that Granite Falls has been immediately added to Residental Worlds section. From there you can choose the Granite Falls World and move all 5 households to the Neighborhood.

TS4 2015-09-19 01-26-45-90 TS4 2015-09-19 01-32-51-35

Visiting your neighbors works flawlessly as well!

TS4 2015-09-19 01-35-17-75

You’ll notice that Households that you move into Granite Falls will slowly start wearing outdoor-appropriate clothing. Park rangers and Sims in bear costumes will still appear, and overall, the entire world will still remain active like it was before you installed the mod.

09-19-15_1-49 AM-2 09-19-15_1-49 AM

All interactions also remain the same except the hiking interaction, which probably only sticks to Destination type worlds.

TS4 2015-09-19 01-48-41-07

In conclusion, this Mod may have some ups and downs depending on the stability of your game and other mods you have installed, but it’s certainly a really neat extension for all the storytellers out there!

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