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The Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge and How Jealousy Works

CAS action when choosing Jealousy

As I started to play through the game after getting the September update, I was pretty excited.  I know I wasn’t the only one, everyone was buzzing about the fact that we were FINALLY getting a new trait! In it’s own little way, Jealousy is a great addition to the game and adds so much more depth to your sims relationships. I decided after a bit of thought that I would finally try the “I’m a Lover” Challenge, that was re-written by DaniiPantiies, also known as Whitey28 on YouTube, for The Sims 4. The rules for the challenge can be found here.

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Meet Simone Ingram, my founder for the “I’m a Lover” challenge I decided to do as my first Let’s Play on YouTube. After following all the rules, I made her two free traits Jealousy and Ambitious. Even though the rules state you don’t have to play this challenge with Legacy rules, I realized that I really wanted to, and chose to have a strict last born female heir policy to make the challenge a bit harder.

CAS action when choosing Jealousy

Automatically after you click on Jealousy in C.A.S this is the animation that the game will give you. It’s hilarious to watch

Here are a couple reasons why Jealousy is an amazing addition:

  • If you love playing your game focused on one couple, it makes is so much more entertaining!
  • It has so many cute romantic and even some friendly interactions in chat that you didn’t have before.
  • It adds character depth, some realistic qualities, and just makes the game; a ton more fun. (See what I did there, pun intended)

Here is the first video in the series and I hope everyone enjoy’s it! Thanks again everyone!

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