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Simmers Q&A: Five Minutes with The English Simmer

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Welcome back to another Simmers Q&A, each week I take time to get to know another awesome simmer from the community and this week we are talking to the fabulous Mollie who is better known as The English Simmer, her YouTube channel is crammed full of simsational content! So I asked Mollie all about her simming lifestyle and how it all began:

Hello! Firstly a warm welcome to The Sims Community website, we are very pleased to have you here, now we always kick start our Q&A by asking how did you become a simmer and which version of The Sims started your journey?

Hi there! I first became a simmer during the original Sims PC series. There were already a few Expansion Packs released and my older brother originally installed them on our home PC where I would watch him play for hours on end until my parents finally decided that I could play too. From there, I completely fell in love with the game at around 7 years old.

So you fell in love right from the start that’s fantastic! Now we know you’re very popular in the simming community and your truly epic channel has attracted over 150,000 subscribers – a huge congratulations by the way! How does it feel knowing all these people enjoy your content?

Thanks so much! The number honestly doesn’t hit me that often. I sometimes have to look at my channel and ask myself “Is that really mine? Are people really out there listening to me talk for half an hour almost every day?” But it is such an incredible feeling. Receiving tweets, emails and comments from people who all have the same interest as me is one of the best feelings in the world. I’m just thankful that so many different people with different backgrounds and stories can all connect to this game franchise in different ways. I think that really is a testament to the game itself.

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We couldn’t agree more! So we noticed you have a fantastic selection of playlists on your channel and not only do you play TS4 but you have also included TS3 and TS2. Tell me which has been your most favorite let’s play series to record and why?

I always struggle answer this question because I feel like a mother being asked to choose her favourite child. I’m going to cheat a little and say that I love all of my Let’s Plays for different reasons. Late Night was my first and is one of my very favourite expansions so I really just threw my everything into that. Generations was a let’s play that really took off on my channel and I loved how interactive it was with my viewers. I felt like everyone could really get involved in the process of naming the kids and things like that. But more recently, I’d have to say my Young’Uns Let’s Play because I’m just playing and I have these amazing characters that I am really connected to.

The Young’Uns is one of our favourites too! Now you may have heard The Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack is due to be released this November, is it something you’re looking forward to? If so do you think you will create some video content using this pack?

I’m definitely looking forward to Get Together! I already have some sims floating around in my head for a Let’s Play with that expansion. I have a feeling there are going to be some major characters and the pack just seems like so much fun to me. I’ve always loved the social and night life aspect of The Sims so I cannot wait for it to be released.

Fantastic! We can’t wait to see your creations! So finally we have to ask what would you most like to see released for TS4? Is there anything you truly miss from previous versions and have you ever had any fresh ideas for The Sims content?

Am I allowed to say toddlers? I just think they would look adorable in The Sims 4. But moving on from that, I would really enjoy for holiday destinations to make a comeback in this series. As a sort of homage to The Sims: On Holiday (Vacation). I think TS4 has amazing graphics that could work really well with a beach getaway location or a ski resort of sorts, I’d really love to see that. As for anything original, I think an activities based expansion for the younger sims could be extremely fun. For example, a playable prom for teenagers where you could ask out your crush or just steal the dance floor with your crazy moves. They could introduce sports teams so you could play a game over the weekend with your team mates. I would pay good money for that.


The English Simmers Quick Fire Questions

Chocolates or Flowers – Chocolates, Always Chocolates!

Friday Night or Sunday Morning – Sunday Morning

City Break or Beach Holiday – Beach Holiday

Jam or Marmalade – Marmalade

Cinema or DVD – Cinema

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out The English Simmer at her YouTube Channel HERE and of course you can find her on social media with the following links:

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We hope you enjoyed this Q&A and if you are a long time simmer and fancy taking part in a future Q&A be sure to contact me by leaving a comment below or via my twitter page:

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