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The Sims 4 Spooky Creations: Spooky Bedroom by SourPatchSimmer!

09 30 15 7 23 09 PM

With the recent release of Spooky Stuff for The Sims 4, simmers around the globe have been working on all kinds of creepy creations! For our first post  SourPatchSimmer has kindly agreed to show us her Spooky Bedroom!

09 30 15 7 23 09 PM

The new stuff pack came with some awesome new build/buy mode items! In this screenshot you can see some of the new wallpapers that SourPatchSimmer has used in this corner of the room, It really adds to the spooky atmosphere, Skelly Bear certainly approves!

09 30 15 7 23 53 PM

We also received lots of spooky decor so you can really kit out your lot for the ultimate Halloween party! I like how she has placed the spiders onto the webs as if they are crawling down the walls. *shudders*

Here is SourPatchSimmer’s video showing how she created this awesome Spooky Bedroom. She creates regular sims related content on Youtube if you would like to see more of her, including her first impressions of the pack itself, go and check out her channel here!

I hope SourPatchSimmer has inspired you all to get creative with your Spooky Stuff Pack! Want to stay up to date with all the latest Sims 4 news & releases? Be sure to follow The Sims Community on Twitter!

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Hello everyone! I am Dominique, otherwise known as LittleMissSimmer. I create Let's Plays on Youtube of all my favourite games (mainly The Sims of course!) I love to share stories and game play, as well as info on all the latest updates and releases.

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