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The Sims 3: New Update Coming Tomorrow! (+ New Launcher)

UPDATE: SimGuruDrake shared some details about the compatibility of The Sims 3’s latest update with Create A World Tool:

Today we will be releasing an update for PC Windows version of The Sims 3 launcher to add the new Expansion and Stuff Pack Manager. During preparation for the release we have discovered that this update is not compatible with the current version of the Create-a-World (CAW) tool. We are working on an update for this particular issue and will notify you as soon as we have one.

SimGuruDrake announced that The Sims 3 will be getting a brand new Update, featuring a new Launcher that lets you pick Expansion and Stuff Packs that you’d like to play. For more info about this update and how to install it, check out this post!

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow (November 12) The Sims 3 website will be undergoing maintenance from 9am PT. During this time you may have issues accessing the The Sims 3 website. An update will also be available via Origin for The Sims 3 on PC only, which will include a new The Sims 3 Expansions and Stuff Pack Manager.

You can find out more information about the update and the new The Sims 3 Expansions and Stuff Pack Manager in this FAQ:

You can prepare to obtain The Sims 3 update by updating to the latest version of Origin, you will receive the latest version the next time you launch the Origin client.

If you have Origin running:

  • In the top left, select Origin
  • Click Exit
  • Re-launch Origin

You will automatically be updated to the latest version of Origin (Version
You can verify you have the latest Origin client by selecting HELP>ABOUT

You are now ready to receive The Sims 3 update tomorrow 12th November

Happy Simming!


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  • If you use certain mods for body shape, or body add-ons like more tattoo placements, you will need to wait until they update that mod before you can use it. But if you run this update, take those out of your game first or the game will not run properly.

    Like NAASS, for instance.

  • well I updated fine, but now when I try to play the game freezes and crashes when I try to spin the camera control in a circular motion left to right or right to left. I uninstalled and re-installed using just the base game to test after backing up my saves and still even with only the base game (no cc or stuff packs or other extensions) it keeps crashing.

  • Every time I press play or try to download CC, a new window pops up and says “We are unable to connect to EA servers to activate The Sims 3 on this computer using your account. Please try again later.” But I’ve tried for three days now to play and it keeps telling me this. Please help :(

  • I’ve been having an issue since this update. I load my sims and (even after trying to install the packs) none of my EP’s are showing up. All I have is base game. A lot of my saves revolved around the EP’s. I use through Origin and some of the games in the My Games part has duplicates. One for my already purchased and installed game (though not really installed) and one offering me to add it to my game.

    It gets frustrating having to try and “install” these EP when they should have already been installed. I don’t want to waste MY date having to re-download games I have ALREADY purchased.

    If anyone can help me on how to install these properly. I don’t have the serial codes as they were all bought through Origin over a year ago and I don’t think I ever got one for them. Why do EA have to make this game confusing. I liked how it was before.

  • This update is unnecessary. If anything it ruins any form of game play. All of my saves just abruptly started lagging and crashing, which has basically put my legacy on hold until they finally fix it. And the fact that the CAW tool isn’t compatible with this update, makes me unable to actually start a new save on a world I’ve been wanting to use for my blog.
    Please Sims team/EA, stop trying to fix something that isn’t broken. Just focus on the ACTUAL bugs of the game.

  • I’m so very sorry I have let you update this last one for The Sims 3! I wasn’t aware how it would screw up everything that has to do with CAW. I even would like to know if there’s a way to undo this update on my machine.

  • Worst crap ever. The EXPANSION & STUFF tab is crap. Game won’t play, I added all the hours I spent with Origins/EA chat and as of today, is 23 hours!

  • How do i not interact with Origin on this? It’s not letting me install any of my expansions, or its only letting me play one expansion at a time through origin? This update is incredibly awful. It’s not letting me play the actual game through origin either because i bought it via steam… I’m getting so annoyed about this it’s unreal.

  • We have to remember that EA is known for their unfinished games, and screwing up any updates that they tend to come out with.

  • Im not best pleased with the new update i got a few days ago it only lets me select 3 expansion packs to play with including the extra stuff i prefer if i can play them all together like i could do before really dissapointed as now i feel like iv been robbed after paying for all the sims 3 and stuff packs i can now only choose 3 to play with at a time don’t know when il next play on it as im still not happy with the fact you’ve ruined my game

  • I hate this new update I’ve went and bought all of these ep’s to only select 3 to play with I feel like I wasted money after years of having these expansion pack the expansion packs aren’t the problem it’s EA with their messed of ways of making Sims they should really focus on fixing the bugs they seem like
    Getting lazy