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Simmers Syndicate – The First YouTube Network for Simmers!


We interviewed the awesome Rachybop about her latest project – Simmers Syndicate! Take it away Rachael 😀

Hello Sims Community readers! Rachybop here to talk to you about a fab and relatively new network called Simmers Syndicate for all of you creators who like to share your content on YouTube.

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1) What is Simmers Syndicate?

Simmers Syndicate is a YouTube network exclusively for simmers! You don’t have to only create Sims content but it must be a part of what you do on your YouTube channel and you must have the intent of uploading more to be eligable to join. This includes all The Sims games, SimCity and The Sims Freeplay!

2) What inspired you to create it?

I have seen other communities create networks within their niche and I felt like ours was really missing out. There are so many networks now and all of them are aimed at different types of people, which is great, but none were great for simmers in my opinion. Even gaming channel networks are directed towards helping creators who make content with shooter games and other games closer to that kind of genre.

3) How many people have joined so far?

We’ve had a great response so far and new applicants are joining daily which is so awesim.

4) What are the benefits of joining Simmers Syndicate?

Firstly you’ll be joining a community in which people are just like you. We all want to grow our channels and learn tips along the way. Apart from learning from other creators you meet who are also part of Simmers Syndicate we will also promote your videos on social media and, in the future, we’ll be offering some great perks! Plus, there’s no lock-in so you can leave the network anytime you like.

5) What are the plans for the future of Simmers Syndicate?

We’re still relatively small so growth is a definate plan and that will be shaped by feedback from our creators and the sponsorships we can get. We have some great contacts so we hope to be able to offer our members some amazing opportunities pretty soon. Our main aim is to provide value and support to people who create Sims related content on YouTube.

Thank you so much to Jovan for inviting me to share info about the network. It’s great to be able to get the word out and to be supported by so many lovely simmy people. If you are interested in joining Simmers Syndicate please head over to to learn more and apply. Much love and happy simming!

– Rachybop <>

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