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The Sims 4 Build Tutorial: How to build a Party Gazebo!


How to build: A Party Gazebo!

This is a quick step-by-step guide on how to build a party gazebo! I’ve chosen to make mine seasonal since it’s December and I am excited! (This way of doing it requires that you use the bb.moveobjects cheat)

Start by making a flat square:

12-14-15_2-58-25 PM

Raise the foundation and change the colour:

12-14-15_2-59-31 PM

Add stairs, rails, fence, and a gate:

12-14-15_3-00-21 PM

Place island counters next to each other in a row, and then add another row like this:

12-14-15_3-01-06 PM

When you click the colour menu you’ll see a little wrench, click this to turn auto-counters off, and pick the rounded end counter like so:

12-14-15_3-01-16 PM

Place those on the end of each row, and add a normal island counter next to it on all sides:

12-14-15_3-02-00 PM

Add pillars in the four corners:

12-14-15_3-02-16 PM

Then click the fence and raise wall-height to medium:

12-14-15_3-03-22 PM

Now the cool part! Place cabinets between all four pillars:

12-14-15_3-03-30 PM

I think it’s coolest to do it all the way around, but you can leave the end pieces out, and still get a cool result:

12-14-15_3-04-08 PM

Place chairs:

12-14-15_3-05-12 PM

Remove two or four of the counters in the front (dependent on how big of a bar you want), and place down a bar:

12-14-15_3-05-40 PM

Then take some curtains or blinds and raise them up high enough for them to “go in to” the cabinets, do so on each side:

12-14-15_3-07-51 PM

Add a carpet in the center:

12-14-15_3-10-41 PM

Put a counter in the middle opposite the bar like this:

12-14-15_3-11-41 PM

Add a sink, and maybe some other counters with some clutter on it like this:

12-14-15_3-14-22 PM

Put two bar cabinets next to the sink:

12-14-15_3-15-05 PM

Put decorations in the back corners, flowers, trees, statues etc:

12-14-15_3-18-00 PM

Some seating areas in the front:

12-14-15_3-20-03 PM

Add pillars in each corner of the gazebo:

12-14-15_3-24-22 PM

Then add a roof (Looks extra nice if you use a big roof trim):

12-14-15_3-25-18 PM

And there you have it, a party gazebo fit for fun!


It doesn’t have to be festive, try other themes!
For example Hawaiian:


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