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The Sims 4 Build Tutorial: How to build a Tudor House!


Building a Tudor House

This is a step-by-step guide on how to make a Tudor house. With Get together out everyone is excited and overwhelmed by all of the new features, items and places! I thought I’d show you how to make the houses you build yourself fit perfectly in to the new town Windenburg!  There are many ways to do it, and there are loads of designs to go for. I have to admit it was hard to pick what kind of house I wanted to choose for this guide, but I went for a small, cozy and absolutely affordable house!

The Shape:

Start by making a small rectangle like this:

12-18-15_9-33-06 AM

Add another rectangle on top, make sure it overlaps two squares over on the sides, and one on the front and back, like this:

12-18-15_9-33-23 AM

Add a little room to the second floor, make it poke yet another square out and make sure it’s centered (so the windows can be placed symmetrically):

12-18-15_9-33-39 AM

Add a gabled roof over the entire big rectangle, like so:

12-18-15_9-33-59 AM

Add a smaller gabled roof to the little room, and make sure it’s rotated so the gable faces the road:

12-18-15_9-34-27 AM
Exterior design:

Change the roof color to something a bit more “tired and worn out”:

12-18-15_9-35-01 AM

Add a brick base to your house, and pick a wallpaper that is embellished with wooden beams or similar (I like having the walls of the roof in a different, more embellished wallpaper):

12-18-15_9-38-22 AM

Add a wall- and roof-trim that matches your wooden accent colors:

12-18-15_9-39-18 AM

Add different types of windows in the same color, and place them symmetrically around the house, then add a door to the far right corner, like so:

12-18-15_9-45-04 AM

Add some climbing flowers to the walls to make it look a bit more “old-timey” and cozy, and put some flower boxes under the windows:

12-18-15_9-47-37 AM

Make a flower bed out of rocks under the first floor’s windows and add brick tiles from the end of the road, to the end of your house:

12-18-15_9-54-44 AM

It just wouldn’t be a Little_Crude house if it didn’t have a curvy path going up to the door:

12-18-15_9-59-37 AM

Then add some details around the house, I put up some benches and a fountain on the left side:

12-18-15_10-05-23 AM

And flowers in flower-boxes on the right side, and where the brick tiles end I placed bushes and trees to separate the courtyard from the garden::

12-18-15_10-05-13 AM

Last but not least some decorative roofs and a chimney:

12-18-15_10-09-44 AM

And that’s how you build a Tudor house fit perfectly for Windenburg!


You can download the Tudor House shown below HERE!


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A Sims 4 builder, who's main focus is to upload houses and nightclubs to the gallery for others to enjoy. I love focusing on landscaping and exterior, but also decorating houses in themes. I make room-series and house-series, and when I have the time I make houses on request!

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