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My Top 5 Custom Content Creators for The Sims 4!

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Whether you’re a huge fan of using different mods or a strong no custom content vanilla player of The Sims 4, custom content is always a turning point for many simmers. I initially was very no cc driven and liked a vanilla game play, however, these top five custom content creators for Create-a-Sim changed my opinion of custom content. Hopefully you enjoy their custom content as much as I do!



Toksik is my personal all-time favourite custom content creator. They make a range of custom content from accessories to clothing; all extremely well made and lots of focus is applied to the textures which makes their cc extremely high quality. A couple of my personal favourites are the replica of Chloe’s necklace from the extremely popular Life is Strange game. The Kaliah top which is one of their earlier creations but still holds up as a really cool piece of clothing cc for your sims to wear. Last but not least their latest creation of the Kora dress, a ribbed knit texture that fits your sim’s curves perfectly!

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Ready for another one of my favourite cc creators? Even if you don’t download much or any custom content, you’ve probably heard of Nightcrawler! Nightcrawler is a connoisseur of custom content hairs, not only for The Sims 4, but Nightcrawler has been creating custom content since The Sims 3 (and is still creating them, too!). The reason that Nightcrawler is in my top five favourite custom content creators is because of the amount of different hairs they produce which is over 40 and growing for The Sims 4, and the variety of different hairs available. Nightcrawler also creates hair that has a high poly-count meaning their meshes are much more detailed and complicated, leading to a higher resolution texture, which everyone appreciates! My favourites of theirs are the Turn it Up mid-length wavy hair and Galaxy, one of their newest creations featuring 90’s space buns on top of long hair.



Salem (also known as Salem 2342 on Tumblr) creates a range of different custom content, but each piece is equally well made and all have high-resolution textures with a high poly count. Salem also makes retextures of popular custom content such as Stealthic’s Temptress hair and Anto’s Mollie hair. My favourites of Salem’s custom content are mainly accessory based, such as the Jewelry for the fingers ring and nail set and the Moon Age Dream necklace.

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Madlen (MJ95)

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In need of some new shoes for your sassy sim you just made? Look no further than the amazing Madlen (also known as MJ95 on The Sims Resource)! Madlen specialises in creating high quality and high poly count shoes for The Sims 4 and The Sims 3, with over 200 creations, Madlen is certainly a custom content creator you shouldn’t miss out on! My personal favourites are the out of this world Colonia shoes and the versatile Narkissa shoes.

Miss Paraply

A custom content favourites list could not be complete without MissParaply, the well-known Maxis Match, also known as clay hair, re-texture creator. She has a long list of clay hairs that she has retextured and many are my favourites! Choosing a few was difficult as all of her hairs are show stopping and truly amazing for those of you out there who prefer Maxis Match! The Pure retexture, originally created by Kiara Zurk, is exceptionally detailed and perfect if you’re hunting for long hair that is styled! Another favourite of mine is the alpha hair re-texture of LeahLilith’s Blossom bun hairstyle.

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After reading my favourite custom content creators, who are yours? Leave them down in the comments! It would be great to find some new custom content creators to love!

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Hi! I’m Jules, also known as SourPatchSimmer! I’m a YouTuber who creates Let’s Plays and Builds of The Sims 4 as well as recording series of my other favourite games!

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