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The Sims 4 Get Together: DJ Mixing Skill Guide

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The DJ mixing skill was included to the game with the addition of The Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack. With an all new party scene down in the new neighborhood of Windenburg, it seemed only right to add the option to have your sims be the life of the party with some savvy DJ mixing skills! This guide will enable you to master the DJ skill by taking you through the different unlockable abilities as you level up. I also aim to show you how your sims can earn a few simoleons by showing off their new musical mastery!


To begin you need to get your sims all kitted out to embark on their new DJ mixing adventure, a quick search in the build mode section of your game will give you four options for DJ booths. Its advisable to start with the cheapest one for starting out.


To excel at the DJ Mixing skill your sims will need to practice, a lot! To start with your sims wont sound very good, like with the musical instrument skills when you start out. Being inspired will help your sims level up faster. This is a skill you wont be able to earn money with straight away and cannot be learned through any other method besides old fashioned practice. So if you think being a DJ rookie is going to pay your bills you might wanna think twice. Later on if your sims impress the crowd enough, they will start to earn tips for their musical efforts, these come in very small amounts but they add up as time goes on! Here is what going up each level will unlock:


Level 1 – Your sims unlock the ‘Groovin’ genre to play on their DJ booth which can only be played at home not in public club venues.

Level 2 The ‘Machine’ genre is unlocked allowing your sims to switch between genres. Your sims can now take over the DJ Booth in clubs and at home to play for an audience!

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Level 3 ‘Chip Tune’ is added and your sims can now discuss DJ techniques with other sims.

Level 4 – ‘Chill Out’ genre is unlocked.

Level 5 – ‘Break Beats’ genre unlocked.

Level 6 – Your sims can play remixes on the DJ Booth and upgrade it by adding ‘Dynamic Surge Protection’ and ‘Advanced Heat Sink’. The ‘Get Hyped’ interaction is now available!

The Sims 4 Get Together: DJ Mixing Skill Guide

Level 7 – ‘House Music’ can now be played and the ‘Plasma Display’ upgrade is unlocked along with ‘Particle Generators’ on more expensive booths.

Level 8 – Sims can make ‘Mix-O-Lot’ tapes, play Hip-Hop music and upgrade with ‘Telesplosion’.

Level 9 – The Drum and Bass genre is now available along with the ability for your sims to make ‘Wiki-Wiki’ & ‘Scratch ‘n’ Switch’ mix tapes.

Level 10 – Finally, your sims unlock the music genre ‘The Noise’. They can ‘Feel the Crowd, and create three new mix tapes – ‘Digital Era’, ‘Party Hardy’, and ‘Electrical Utsu’. Perhaps the best part of reaching level 10 is unlocking the Robo Helmet giving them the ultimate DJ look!

The Sims 4 Get Together: DJ Mixing Skill Guide


When playing to a crowd, sims watching and dancing will throw tips. The biggest tip my sim received was 240 simoleons but it is possible that your sims could receive more. They come randomly depending on what the individual sims on the dance floor want to pay, you could get thrown a 20 and then someone else will throw 9. It is completely randomly generated.


At level 8 your sims can begin creating Mix-O-Lot tapes. These can be used to earn an extra bit of income from your new found DJ mixing skills! Like with publishing books your sims can use their letterbox to send off their mix tapes to be licensed one at a time. To be allowed another license your sims will need to petition the studio to take on another. However if your sim is skilled at another musical interment, they can make additional simoleons licencing music from those individually too!


While leveling up your sims will unlock interactions to use on the crowd while mixing. At level 6 your sims can use ‘Get Hyped’ which gives the listeners and dancers a +1 happy moodlett from the ‘Bumpin’ Beats’. At level 10 your sims can ‘Feel the Crowd’ which like the previous interaction can only be used in 30 minute intervals. Meaning you will have to wait 30 sim minutes before you can interact in the same way again. ‘Feel the Crowd’ plays with the sims emotions, you can make the sims around you feel Flirty, Confident, Energized and even Dazed!


  • Particle Generators – Adds to the nightlife atmosphere with ground fog and manic laser lights!
  • Telesplosion – Enables all close-by televisions to be affected by the music.
  • Dynamic Surge Protection – Prevents you from needing to repair your DJ booth. My sim used hers for hours without a single break down!
  • Plasma Display – Displays a plasma screen of images and lights at the front of your booth.
  • Advanced Heat Sink – Stops your booth from setting alight while you are mixing!
  • Special Effects – This lets the player pick and chose which upgrades you would like to be active at one time! You can turn them all on and off or select your favourite individual effects!

The Sims 4 Get Together: DJ Mixing Skill Guide

That’s it for the DJ Mixing skill, I hope this helps you and your sims thrive in club scene with the Get Together expansion pack! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave them down below or catch us at the Sims Community Social. Dag Dag!

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