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The Sims 4 How to Build: Church with Romantic Garden

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How to build a church with romantic garden!

What happens when you mix Get Together with Romantic Garden Stuff?

-Probably many things, but for me it was this:

02-23-16_10-14-58 AM

A classic and simple church, with a romantic garden for all the guests to enjoy!

Here’s how I did it!

Start by making the shape, like this:

02-17-16_10-15-15 AM02-17-16_10-15-31 AM

Add a roof to the first floor room and round it off a little, like this:

02-17-16_10-16-00 AM

Add a roof to the church tower and pull the top arrow so it becomes as tall as you like:

02-17-16_10-17-06 AM

Add roof trims in the same color as the accent color of your wallpaper.

I picked various types of the Get Together masonry wallpapers to create a height effect. Then I added windows and doors in the accent color, like this:

02-17-16_10-25-43 AM

Fence in a big area with the Ivy League Fence from Romantic Garden Stuff:

02-17-16_10-31-20 AM

Decorate the exterior with both random and not so random bushes, plants and flowers. Add a path to both the entrance of the garden and the church door, like so:

02-17-16_10-49-48 AM

Add the “Triumphal Arch of Gluteus Maximus” over the fence gate (I enlarged mine, and added several normal sized one on the nearby fence)

02-17-16_10-58-47 AM

From the gate, add a path of carpets surrounded by flowers and bushes leading up to a wishing well,

02-17-16_11-35-32 AM

Add benches and flowers from Romantic Garden Stuff, mix up the colors and play around with placement.

Pretty romantic, ey?

02-17-16_11-35-42 AM

“The Folly of Lady Chloris” from Romantic Garden Stuff creates lovely little eating sections. The “Where the sunshine goes” overgrown fountain creates a perfect separation without separating the tables too much.

I also made the area have a flower wall in the back to keep with my pink and white color scheme, like so:

02-17-16_11-12-31 AM

Add as many sections as you want:

02-17-16_11-17-06 AM

And mix up the decoration with flowers from both Get Together and Romantic Garden Stuff as the entrance to your seating area, like so:

02-17-16_11-22-06 AM

Party sims? -Add a dance floor and put plants, rocks, lights and flowers around it to make it look romantic and soft, but still very fun!

02-17-16_11-44-37 AM

And as a final touch I added statues and a bunch of flowers in all of my free corners, and a fountain going all the way around the wishing well:

02-17-16_11-50-06 AM

02-17-16_11-52-45 AM

And that’s it!
I hope you have fun making your own church w/romantic garden!

If you want some input, help or simply show off your build feel free to share at:

Crude’s Critique & Compliments

Happy building!

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