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The Sims 4: Upcoming Pack(s) in VOX Phase

Wonder why there hasn’t been a new The Sims 4 Pack release this month? We have some ideas…

Voice Actor Taylor Parks has confirmed today that she’s back (again) in The Sims Studio to do some work for The Sims 4!


This isn’t the first time she tweeted about working on The Sims 4 this year. In February of 2016, she posted this:


Back in December of 2014, she posted this tweet by accident, revealing some Get to Work features that she’s been voicing – 3 months before the official announcement!

If that’s the case, then there’s a huge possibility that the upcoming Expansion Pack will be announced in 2-4 months. EA’s new Fiscal Year begins this April, which means they’ll have more resources to put in for new Pack(s) promo.

But, enough of speculation. Here’s a tweet posted by SimGuruSarah that confirms that upcoming The Sims 4 Pack(s) are currently in VOX (voice, vocal) phase:


In case you didn’t know, Nicki Rapp who voiced Children and Toddlers in The Sims 3 is also back for unknown project(s) for The Sims 4.

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  • I wonder if there are any hints in the photo with all the pictures on the wall? I would love for the secret agent career to be made an active one but I know I’m just dreamin’! Can’t wait for whatever they bring to us next :) :) :)