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The Sims 2 Spotlight: Mods

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Welcome back to the The Sims 2 Spotlight! In this Spotlight we have found some mods to make your Sims 2 game just a bit more interesting.

Five “Life Changing” Seasons Wells

Created by Sophie-David

Adds new wells in the game to either reward or curse your Sims.


Seasons Icons in Color!

Created by DanTheMann15

Have you ever become bored with the boring, plain-old green color that would light up whenever it changes to any season? If that’s so, then this mod is for you! What this mod does is that it replaces the Seasons icons in the game, with colorized ones.


“Surf’s Up!” – New surfing interaction and set

Created by maybesomethingdunno

This mod is a personal favourite of mine. As the titles suggests, this mod lets your Sims surf on the beach!


Television Placement

Created by An_dz

A small mod for builders where you can adjust the height of TVs.


No More Stupid Memories!

Created by DiLight

Are you sick of your Sim crying over cockroaches and burnt food? This mod removes those memories from the game.


Have you created a mod for The Sims 2 you want to show off? Contact me on SC Social or on Twitter at @SimmerNick.

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