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Teaser Trailer – Restaurants Game Pack + Kids Stuff Pack

Update: the Teaser Video is now available in English!

The Sims Latin America has released a new video, showcasing the new Restaurants Game Pack that’s out in Spring and a Kids Stuff Pack that’s out this Summer!

The Sims 4 Restaurants Game Pack seems to include the Tragic Clown NPC and if you look closely, The Sims 4 Kids Stuff Pack will bring Monsters under the bed as a premium object. More info to follow!

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  • Ok so restaurants and a new children’s pack? I think they showed that there was something under the child’s bed.

  • I don’t get why everyone’s so excited for this. They didn’t say anything certain, they gave us a 16 second video filled with vagueness and nothing else. What the hell does “spring” mean? If anything it’s next month! Why the secrecy? Why not be more specific? And there’s not even an expansion pack in the works…at least they didn’t seem to think that it’s worth announcing. Bits and bobs don’t make a game great! We need another expansion pack…and no…not pets please!
    Typical EA…and then they wonder why no one’s excited about The Sims anymore…FAIL

    • I kinda feel they just want more money now. Restaurant could of easily been in get to work I think that it could of been amazing if we could work at one

  • I guess quite a lot of people wanted Sims 4 Pets or Sims 4 Supernatural but ok…? I guess I can… Play with toys now and sit in a restaurant???

  • This looks like it’ll be interesting as we need new content and I DO hope pets will show in the future…I don’t see anything wrong with adding them. You dont want pets then dont put them on your game its that simple since im sure some dont want it. They did hint them and toddlers after all. IF they aren’t going to be put in to the game then why hint at it?

  • Honestly I think this is not enought… We wait lot of months just to have a 16 seconds video, in which there’s actually nothing. No EP on the horizon, no pet, no toddler, no season. The sims will always be my favourite game but eventually, I am a little bit disappointed.

  • Profit=Consumer Satisfaction.. I don’t understand how this is being disregarded. Start listening to your supporters. The people who actually pay to make this game happen.

  • I think they took the word teaser a little too seriously…Don’t get me wrong I’m excited about the new packs but I also feel there was no point to the video…Next time just post the pictures and leave the video for ACTUAL trailers…