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The Sims 4 Dine Out / Kids Stuff Pack: Information Found in Patch Files

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The XML tuning in the new patch released today reveals what could point to features in The Sims 4 Dine Out and the upcoming Kids-themed Stuff Pack.

Please note: the existence of this code only indicates that the features were planned at one point in development. It is possible for some of them to have been removed.

Tag Updates

<T ev=”26627″>Func_ChefStation</T>
<T ev=”26628″>Func_HostStation</T>
<T ev=”26629″>Func_Booth</T>
<T ev=”26630″>Situation_RestaurantDining</T>
<T ev=”26631″>Func_ExperimentalFood</T>
<T ev=”26632″>Role_RestaurantEat</T>
<T ev=”26633″>Role_RestaurantStaff</T>
<T ev=”26634″>Interaction_WaitstaffIdle</T>
<T ev=”26635″>Role_HostAtStation</T>
<T ev=”26636″>Func_Booth_Corner</T>
<T ev=”26637″>Job_RestaurantDiner</T>
<T ev=”26638″>Role_Restaurant_PostPlaceOrder</T>
<T ev=”26639″>Func_PlacematDrawing</T>
<T ev=”26640″>Interaction_Restaurant_WaitToPlaceOrder</T>
<T ev=”26641″>Func_Booth_Banquette</T>
<T ev=”26642″>Situation_HomeChef</T>
<T ev=”26643″>Func_FoodPlatter</T>
<T ev=”26644″>Uniform_RestaurantCritic</T>
<T ev=”26647″>Role_RestaurantDiner</T>
<T ev=”26648″>Buff_OwnableRestaurant_Customer</T>
<T ev=”32769″>Func_PuppetTheater</T>
<T ev=”32770″>Func_BattleStation</T>
<T ev=”32771″>Func_Collection_Monsters</T>


Tags of note are Func_Booth_Banquette, Func_PuppetTheater and Func_BattleStation which are features that haven’t been announced yet. Func_Collection_Monsters may refer to a feature in the upcoming Kids Stuff Pack.


  • A new tuning resource, restaurants.chefs_choice, reveals the existence of a “Chef’s Choice” feature. It is also indicates that the choice will vary depending on the time of day, and will be restricted for Child Sims.


  • There are six preset menu types: American, Italian, Seafood, Experimental, Brunch and Homechef.
  • The available food qualities are Grade F, Standard, Fresh Organic and Sustainably Grown
  • You can advertise your restaurant similar to how you can advertise retail stores.
  • The game differentiates between appetizers, main courses and desserts. It is currently unknown if this causes a major difference or if they are just autonomy categories.
  • There is such a feature as a “daily special discount” – it is currently unknown exactly how this works.


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