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The Sims 4: Toddler Clues and Possible Hints (SPECULATION)

Please note that this is just a speculation post written by a very hopeful simmer!

It all started 3 weeks ago when the first Trailer for The Sims 4 Dine Out launched. SylvanGladiator found this Teddy Bear hanging on the Chef Station object:


The speculation ended with a conclusion that it was a hint towards the upcomig The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff Pack. The Sims 4’s ex-Concept Lead Magnus Hollmo even has his own small backstory for this object:


But, now that The Sims 4 Dine Out has been released, Simmers have been looking more more clues and boy, have they found one!

Wesley found this baby bottle next to the ketchup and mustard bottles, which definitely doesn’t belong there!

06-09-16_9-25-28 AM

So far, the gurus haven’t said / confirmed anything about this hint, but these clues could be a step towards Toddlers.

Image by Wesley.

 Here are the only two official clues / official statements that The Sims Team is working on Toddlers:

  • Back in May 2015, SimGuruRachel confirmed in an interview: ‘We want to do it [Toddlers] well. It is something we’re exploring but we don’t currently have more information to share around when or how other than to say our fans will be the first to know.’
  • This March, SimGuruDrake stickied a thread about Toddler Ideas on The Sims Forum. SimGuruLyndsay joined the party as well, thanking the Simmers for their ideas and feedback.

Have the developers been working on Toddlers long enough to include two very obvious clues (The Teddy Bear and the Baby Bottle) in The Sims 4 Dine Out? As always, time will tell…

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  • My chef constantly thinks about having a baby while she works at my restaurant. Before I read this I thought it might just be her personality, but now I’m not sure what to believe.

  • You guys should update this article with the latest preteen/tween and toddler hints with the Kids Room stuff pack info and trailer ;)
    1. There is a xylophone in the new toy box that was a toddler specific item in TS2 and TS3.
    2. The new tween TV and radio channels mentioned in the blog post for Kids Room stuff.
    3. The Generations EP mentioned in the August 2015 survey could include toddlers and preteens, so why would this be a huge joke from the SimGurus to get our hopes up for nothing? They KNOW we want these features to TS4! ;)