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The Sims 4 Building: Get The Most Of The New Lighting

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The June Free Update improved lighting tremendously for those who play with higher settings on. Look how beautifully sunlight beams through the windows!

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These effects can be rendered even more stunning with a few tricks and tips.

How To Build To Make The Lightning Improvements Shine

Of course, there are simple steps, like placing objects near windows, such as plants.

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Still, there is a lot more you can achieve if you think about lighting since the inception of your build. The most dramatic light in The Sims 4 happens in the afternoon. To determine where it will hit your construction, you should build a big square…

06-14-16_5-30-05 PM

… then fill it with random windows,

06-14-16_5-30-49 PM

…so you can see where the most elaborate lighting features should go.

06-14-16_5-31-23 PM

Mix & Match

Massive floor to ceiling glass panels are the most popular choice in the Gallery and they do look impressive.

06-14-16_4-00-27 PM

However, if you mix and match them, you might get more interesting shadows.

06-14-16_4-00-34 PM

In fact, if you are willing to explore other combinations, you’d be surprised at the myriad of shapes different windows can project onto your floors and walls.

06-14-16_4-02-07 PM


If you have Get Together, have I got news for you! You now have skylights! Go to a flat roof and find the glass dancefloors.

06-14-16_4-56-59 PM

Place one.

06-14-16_4-57-09 PM

Maybe more than one…

06-14-16_4-57-59 PM

Can you believe the outcome?

06-14-16_4-59-00 PM

Water Window

Water refracts lights. You might get a pleasing result placing a water window outside a room. And it will reduced a bit the jagged look shadows can get. Build a one square long room outside your window using the ‘Room Tool’.

06-14-16_5-07-11 PM

There you go.

06-14-16_5-07-18 PM

Fill it with a pool.

06-14-16_5-07-39 PM

Place window panes outside and inside.

06-14-16_5-08-56 PM

This is sure to make the place cooler both visually and temperature-wise! And the shadows are softer and not jagged!

06-14-16_5-10-30 PM

Tip: Change the water colour to achieve the perfect mood.

Two Story Ceiling

If you want lighting to have double the impact you can choose to have a room of your home – or the entire building, really – to have a two story ceiling. After you’ve build your dream room…

06-14-16_4-28-21 PM

…click on a wall to select the whole room.

06-14-16_4-28-29 PM

Go to ‘Save Room’.

06-14-16_4-28-43 PM

Save it, with any name you want.

06-14-16_4-28-45 PM

Go to the next floor.

06-14-16_4-36-17 PM

Open your Library, in the Gallery.

06-14-16_4-28-46 PM

If you can’t see your room, you might need to check ‘Include Custom Content’ under the ‘Advanced’ tab.

06-14-16_4-28-47 6 PM

Select your it and click on ‘Place Room’.

06-14-16_4-28-48 6 PM

Position it exactly on the top of the room on the lower floor.

06-14-16_4-37-09 PM

Drop it.

06-14-16_4-37-12 PM

Use the hammer tool to delete the floor and furniture.

06-14-16_4-37-44 PM

You might now want to also delete repeated wall decorations.

06-14-16_4-38-06 PM

And perhaps also remove flying light fixtures.

06-14-16_4-38-17 PM

Doors should go too.

06-14-16_4-38-53 PM

A window here makes more sense, doesn’t it?

06-14-16_4-39-01 PM

Wow! Look how gorgeous is the result!

06-14-16_4-39-30 PM

You can also try different windows to create other effects.

06-14-16_4-42-51 PM

After polishing the outside, it looks good externally too.

06-14-16_4-49-14 PM

Really classy!

06-14-16_4-50-13 PM

Tip: You can build multiple-story ceilings too.

Now, go on and get to building!

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I am from Macapá, a city by the beautiful Amazon river in the north of Brazil. I have enjoyed The Sims since 2001, when The Sims 1 caught my attention on the shelf, when I was around 18 and had gotten my first paycheck!

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