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The Sims 4 Building: Decorating Your Backyard

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Hello everyone!

I will be giving you decorating tips for your backyard in today’s article!

Giving Your Backyard A Layout:

First thing to consider when decorating your backyard is to layout where everything will go using terrain paint and/or foundation!

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Using the fountain or pool tool to create a pond is a great decoration for your backyard! A pond takes up space and looks great! Using a foundation to create a outdoor kitchen area is great a way use the space that you are given.

Adding In The Details:

The details are a great way to show off your backyard! Your neighbors will totally be jealous of your backyard.

Adding In The Essentials:

Adding in things like the porch, outdoor kitchen, and pool will accentuate your backyard, giving your sims loads to do! Adding in a hot tub will make your sims very bubbly! (Get it, no… okay)

Adding in Kids Play Area(s):

Kids play area(s) are a great way to keep your kids busy while you are out tanning by the pool or cooking their favorite meal!

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Adding In Plants:

Add in plants to give the outdoors and a nice fresh smell! your pond can have algae in it using the algae clump from the Get Together expansion pack! Use plants to line the edge of the pond to give your pond a natural look.

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Seating Area(s):

Seating area(s) are important for your sims when they want to sit and relax or to sit and eat the delicious food that your sims make! Your sims love to make food? Why don’t you get the new game pack, Dine Out, to try out some new experimental foods!

Finish It Off:

Add in anything that you have forgotten or think that would top off your backyard! Now you have a beautiful backyard that you can call yours!

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Hello! My name is Sara and I love to build houses in the Sims 4! Sims is my main hobby and wish to continue my journey in the Sims 4 Community!

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